Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A to Z: A (for Angie)

If you know me, even a smidgen, you know I'm a huge fan of U2 and that their lead singer is due my gratitude for inspiring me to see what I could offer the world as a writer. Bono is not just a great songwriter. He's a great writer. Period. While recovering from a very bad bicycling accident, he wrote an incredible A to Z list about 2014. Google it. Read it. It's truly great. Humble. Honest. Sincere.

It sparked an idea. So I'm beginning a new writing endeavor. I'm launching myself into the unknown. Which is to say I have not thought this out. It may be about 2014. Or about 2015. It may just be about me...not like that though, but rather the intricate parts that make me...me - for better, for worse.

A is for Angie

My wife of twelve years deserves a medal. She tells me she knows she's not easy to live with and that's the difference between she and I. She's the type of person that can admit that - true or not. She was built with finer machinery than I was. I, on the other hand, falter in my stubbornness. I know I'm not easy as a lifetime-committed roommate either and yet have never admitted so. I'm more imperfect than I like to admit.

Angie has a lot of qualities that infiltrate our home. They are, frankly, qualities that society has become malnourished from. They are qualities that make me grateful and honored to have her be the last person I see before dreaming and the first one I see when I wake. I interact with people that are dismally lacking the grace and heart that my wife has. Sometimes I'm blindsided by the horrible what-if where I picture being married to some of these people and I found myself dry-heaving and choking on the disgust that accumulates with that thought. Thank the Lord I married someone with her class and integrity. She has her faults. I most likely have much more...but, who's counting? That's not what this marriage is about.

We've become a praying couple. It took us awhile, but we've finally made the decision to do it. Considering we met in church and always had the Christian faith as a commonality, it should have been sooner, but it's never too late.

For those of you that are single, I highly encourage you to come to the understanding that what I'm about to suggest is absolutely imperative. Your first date should be a church service. Ours wasn't, but we met through youth group. My point being we didn't meet at a bar or a drinking party. Don't get me wrong. A date to church or even being regular attendees at church while married doesn't make everything rainbows and icing with way too much yellow number 5. But it will do this...it will set the precedent for your relationship. It will put you in a position to meet other people and other couples that will be a blessing to your relationship.

We're a work in progress. Which means we're doing exactly what we need to be doing. We're committed to Christ. We're committed to having our children grow up spiritually sound. We're committed to the idea of family. We stumble. We fall. We pick ourselves up, brush ourselves off and move forward.

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