Friday, January 23, 2015

A to Z: D (for Dustin)

If you know me, even a smidgen, you know I'm a huge fan of U2 and that their lead singer is due my gratitude for inspiring me to see what I could offer the world as a writer. Bono is not just a great songwriter. He's a great writer. Period. While recovering from a very bad bicycling accident, he wrote an incredible A to Z list about 2014. Google it. Read it. It's truly great. Humble. Honest. Sincere.

It sparked an idea. So I'm beginning a new writing endeavor. I'm launching myself into the unknown. Which is to say I have not thought this out. It may be about 2014. Or about 2015. It may just be about me...not like that though, but rather the intricate parts that make - for better, for worse.

I'm going to attempt something different for this latest A to Z post. A different rhyme...a more poetic ranting of a wonderful spirit, an incredible man. A different style for a man that has it like no other. I call him my cousin, my brother, my best friend...I call him Big D.

You won't see him with a guitar (electric or acoustic...or even bass for the matter) or at the bench of a grand piano belting out a tune. Behind the drums I'd imagine may be a mistake. You never know with this guy. If there's someone that can do it all, my money is on this guy. This guy with passionate demeanor, ferocious character that can manhandle and out humanize all that dare to contrast his beliefs or deconstruct the values upon which he plants his feet. For he is no rock star on a performing stage, but rather a rock star of astronomical proportions on life's stage.

While others muster up the courage, the character in order to perform what is right, this guy does it with ease...with more grace compared to most because most can't come close. They're mere mortals to his immortal dedication to the values of faith, hope and love.

He's adventurer not guided by a fold-up map shoved in the glove compartment. He turns a deaf-ear to GPS. He doesn't turn right, turn left, go straight, bear left, bear right unless the Bible tells him to. He's a man of God, Christ-like in many ways...not perfect, but not idle either. He takes his imperfections and laughs in their faces because you can't keep this guy down. He'll push, pull and strive to the last mile and beyond to fix a wrong and make it right.

He's unselfish. Giving. A hitchhiker on the roads less traveled. Always ready for life's next adventure. Life can't throw a curve ball to this batter...not without getting it knocked out the park anyway. Never to be down for the count, but rather one to be counted upon to persevere through hard weather or just to be where you are when needed...dropping everything because this man gives and only takes so he can give again.

Dustin's a song, a catchy, rhythmic tune...much like the one you can't get out of your head in the morning, but soon realize, "Why shouldn't I sing this song?" Because it's his song we want to sing and emulate and shout out to, if not the world, the guy next to us at the traffic light. His song is of grace...manly grace. You can't buy that at Walmart or a Mom and Pops. He's a man of God, a man on a mission to raise his boys to fill his footprints, but to also teach them to make their own.

My favorite thing has got to be the dreamer that he doesn't dare hold within. He's a writer than breathes poetry and puts his thoughts and dreams into motion. We can't inspire or be inspired viewing the world on the seat of our pants. Life has no horns, because he's pulled them off and mounted them on his wall. Give this man a dream and the world will be inspired. 

For the concerts, the cabin and the baseball cards. For letting me call you when my first daughter was born. For the screenplay, the inspiration. For the races for Hope. For the road trips. For the grace you show. For being at my dad's funeral. For traveling so far, so often. For being a more than a cousin, but brother and best friend. For dreaming the life and living the dream...I thank you! Love ya, man!

Dream Out Loud, Big D!


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