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Letters to Janice: April 21, 1945

April 21, 1945
Bainbridge, Md.

Dear Janice,

I finally got settled. When we got to Phila. somebody changed the orders and we landed at Bainbridge. I think I was lucky. I don't know yet. Bainbridge is just a 40 minute ride by bus to Lancaster.

I got in Phila at 8:00 Friday. Then I took in two movies till o'clock. (Bob Hope, Sunday Dinner for a Soldier). Then I reported to the N.R.S. I found a fellow from W. Lampeter and a couple of mates from Coatsville. Then we took in two more movies (Dancing in Manhattan - Objective Burma). At 6:30 we reported back to the N.R.S. again. At 7:40 we left Phila for Perryville, Md. We got to Perryville at 9:10. At 9:45 we left Perryville, by bus, for Bainbridge. We arrived at Bainbridge about 10:00 p.m. Then we filled out papers, got a dirty bag, had supper, then we got temporary Barracks. That was about 12:00 p.m.

I also got a top bunk, but I managed to stay put all night. At 4:30 A.M. we "hit the deck," that means get up, and "pronto" too. They don't kid around. To day we took another physical exam which lasted about 3 hrs. (I passed) about 2/3 of the time we had nothing on and all the windows were open and was cold, yippe.

We knocked off at 11:00 o'clock for chow and have liberty the rest of the day, although we are confined to our barracks.

I didn't get my G.I. Blues yet, I don't know when they will come. You should see some of the guys with these haircuts, they are practically bald. They didn't get me yet, but it will come. 

There are a lot of  "rebels" here. As far as Miss. & Alabama. All you can hear is "where you all from," "what you all doing." One fellow was always talking so when the C.P.O. got aboard he kept talking. The C.P.O. scared him by telling him he was going on sub duty. He was scared and then he shut up.

I guess nothing much happened since I left. But write anyhow.

It will seem funny to go to church to-morrow and not see the regular faces. I sure will miss that.

This is really a big place down here. It will hold 150,00 men at one time.

To-day the commodore came around. Everybody jumped to attention till he passed by.

Some of there young petty officers are really smart guys. They yell and curse at the least little thing. Most of the commissioned officers are nice so far.

Don't write - till I give address.

Will tell you about this letter later.

Got to hurry

Sorry! The guy just collected the mail. I thought this was the last one to-day and I wanted to get it in, But there is another at 3:00.

How's Barney? Does he have a female for Saturday night?

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