Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Letters to Janice: June 23, 1945

Chestnut Level, Pa.
Sat. night June 23, 1945

Dear Janice,

I have never before written a letter to myself so when you get this letter remember it was written right after the camp fire circle. Everyone here has come up to their rooms without speaking to anyone.

Doris & Mary Bardman, Eva, Nancy and Lenola (?) are my room mates. Gwen McCombs is my counselor. She is in our room now preparing for our devotions.

I think it is a very wonderful thing to start and end each day with God and I am going to try and continue this at home, even if it with a prayer.

To-night during the camp fire service I threw a stick in the fire. It was to represent one of my sins which would be burnt out of my life by Christ. I realize I have many sins, so many I didn't know which one to have it represent, so I decided to make it jealousy and hate which would be replaced with more love to Christ and for my fellow men.

You, Janice, when you get this letter remember to-night and see how far you have come up to the standards of Christ.

I had a lot of fun at Chestnut Level, especially at meal time. I enjoyed the vesper services, the morning watch, Mr. Barber's...sermon. Mr. Linquist wonderful sermon about which is most important, chorus, culture, courage, as character, a Christian character.

To-morrow there will be S.S. and church dedication service, communion and church in the evening. 

It will soon be time for fellowship groups.

May you strive always to become "more like the master".


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