Monday, January 26, 2015

Letters to Janice: May 3, 1945

May 3, 1945
Bainbridge Md.

Dear Janice,

Was sure glad to hear from you. I didn't receive any mail for 2 days, but tonight I received eight letters. It took me 3/4 hr. to read them all.

They are really putting us over the handles now. The way they kick us around you would think we are all Rear admirals.

Wednesday we had our first Physical Torture class, it wasn't so bad. Then we marched up and down these hills for miles. From one building to another all day.

To day it really rained. We marched to choir (?) and really go soaked. These blue dungarees fade so I was blue to. We got back to the barracks  cleaned up, listened to a lecture. Then we marched over to P.T. again. Again we got soaked. After P.T. we can't take showers so we were all sweaty & hot. They marched us outside in the cold & rain. This afternoon we marched 2 miles just to get a double typhoid shot. The we went to some more lectures. I'm pretty sick of this weather all it ever does is rain.

I hope the banquet is a success. Tell Nancy to be careful. Ask her if she remembers the careful driver she had last year.

I got a letter from Barn & Dot (and Andy) to night too. 

To day the gobs (?) below us left for home. They didn't go to bed all night, they raised cane. This morning a guy came into our Barracks & played Reveille. Those guys were really happy. I really pitied those poor guys having to leave this nice place just to go home. (that's this weather that makes me this way). I sure wish I was with them.

I have you right inside my locker, the other day the inspector walked past, glanced in, then came back for a good look. I thought he was going to find fault with something. But he couldn't find fault with you.

I can't wait till I get home & see you all again. I suppose I'll have too much to do when I get home, but I know one thing I'm going to have some boat rides, or something like it.

Barney said he is going to have the tent ready, so I'm wise (?) in letting my things over there. See I really look ahead.

Well so long & write soon. Don't forget.

Lots of love, a rain-soaked sailor


Today we got paid. One fella handed me the money. We took another step, another fellow too it from us, handed us something & gave us a little change. That is really some technique.

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