Thursday, March 12, 2015

A Taste of Gogyohka

This past Christmas, my wife bought be a subscription to Writer's Digest. In the five minutes that I've had since then to actually have time to look at it, I came across a page about Gogyohka - a five-line poem with one phrase per line. I don't write many poems, not nearly as much as I used to anyway, and mine are mostly free-verse. Sometimes though, it's nice to flex your writing muscles and try something new. 

I didn't always like poems with rules - although I thought Haiku poems always awakened the senses. I admired anyone that could convey such vivid detail while painting such a descriptive image in so few syllables.  I thought other poems like that limited creativity. When writing poems, I always allowed the story to flow. The imagery to illustrate an emotional backdrop. Ending a poem after five lines or a certain amount of syllables seemed strange. Perhaps unorthodox. Now that I'm actually thinking about it, - dare I say a more mature writer- containing creativity within specific guidelines can increase imagination. There's power in the containment. Think Robin Williams. Manic. Brilliant. Entertaining. But when he controlled those talents, controlled those urges to improvise, the results were still incredible. One Hour Photo and Good Will Hunting are only two of many examples. It's also like pressure building up in a closed container. The more pressure, the more powerful.

With that said, the following Gogyohka poem (my first...and then some), may not be all that powerful, but I felt compelled to give it a try. 

Attempt 1:

Moonlit mire at my feet
I trudge, tremble 
a pilgrimage at last
where I finally discover
transgressions past

Attempt 2:

Woven blankets of grace
spirit-filled adventure ignites
eyes forward, above
one foot in front of the other
His path

Attempt 3:

Spiraling sunlight
translucent images, visions
awakened to find
enveloped fears
have been unsealed

Attempt 4:

First line of vision
in dawn's warming
a new gift to open, share
desire dwelling within
to make this time better

Attempt 5:

A gaggle of thoughts
spun into dreams
roaming to heights unseen
burrowing into the bosom of hope
I remain afloat

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