Monday, April 13, 2015

Coming Attractions

While an upper respiratory infection has had me down and out for a few days now, I haven't been able to add much to my blog - haven't been able to anything except drool on my pillows. I'm using every last ounce of energy just to write this. But I wanted to give you a couple of reasons to keep coming back. 

My A to Z list will continue with two big ones. One will be an honorable mention for J - my big brother Jason and the other will be skipping a few letters to honor the Hall of Famer, Michael Jack Schmidt - my childhood sports hero. On April 18th will be 28 years since he hit his 500th career home run.

Believing it's important to recognize all the good things that surround us, I will be adding to my Shout Outs as well. 

It's been awhile, but I would also like to do some Dinner Devotions.

And also, I still need to finish my Letters to Janice. 

This will keep me busy for awhile. Thank you for reading my blog. Prayers that I get better soon are greatly appreciated.

Dream Out Loud

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