Sunday, April 26, 2015

Shout Out: 003

Shout-Outs are a new addition to my blog. They are to recognize people's accomplishments or to express my gratitude for their good and kind deeds. It's a way to celebrate the little things that may otherwise go unnoticed.

I will put about 5 entries for each post so keep checking back!

My Teachers

Not all of them and certainly not most of the professors I had at Shippensburg, but there are a few of them that did something for me that's more important than most anything else. They read out loud! So a big shout out to Mrs. Phillips that read The Indian in the Cupboard, Mr. Shurr who read The Wrinkle in Time and Mrs. Ranck who read Where the Red Fern Grows. Unfortunately it's only three of them, but they opened portals to my imagination. And it's those experiences that I continue to harness and use their residual impact each and every time I write. I still remember the images I had in my head from each of those three books like they are a movie I just watched yesterday. So powerful!

Race for Hope

I BIG shout-out to those that participated in the Race for Hope today in D.C. My team and I were not able to make it this year which is unfortunate because it would have been a nice way to celebrate ten years of my dad's eternal life. The Race is always emotional for me. Anxiously waiting for the start, a parade of yellow balloons pass by. Those are the survivors. The warriors. I have lost three people to brain tumors: My dad, grandmother and a colleague. And I've heard about WAY too many more. My guess is that everybody knows someone with a brain tumor within two degrees of separation. So for those of you that ran, walked and raised money for this disease, this thief of life, I thank you with all my heart. See you next year at the Finish Line.


In proving that the Lord always provides, J has been a vessel. There have been many times my family has reached a financial situation where we had no idea where the money would come from. Sometimes, and I'd like to think it's pretty much every time, he uses people. J's grace and giving spirit has helped our family tremendously and it's something I will never forget. She is a song of life. I am grateful for her friendship and daily chats.


I've spent the last many Christmases (that's the first time I have even pluralized Christmas...I don't know if I spelled it correctly) trying to recapture that youthful spirit that that time of season always illuminated within me. Having three girls has helped, but what I felt as a child at Christmas time I have never felt since. This past Christmas, I came very close. I had the blessed experience to be on the receiving end of forgiveness. I wasn't forgiven for a wrongful action, but forgiveness is powerful no matter the reason. I opened a card and what was written made my throat tighten and my heart twinge with a kind joy and gratitude...I don't think I have ever felt. Written was this: I forgive 100% of your debt. You no longer owe me anything. 

My debt wasn't exactly chump change. It was enough that I still cannot wrap my head around this magnificent, selfless and gracious act. Thank you. I love you.


Due to FCPS' financial burden they decided to thrust upon me - which deeply affects my family - I have had some tough summers the last few years trying to find money to pay for...well, everything. Always believing the Lord will provide, we manage. This weekend, he provided me an opportunity to do some painting and power-washing for a friend. Thank you, JC, for  giving me the chance to do some work for you and add some money to my summer fund. I had to sacrifice some time with family, but perhaps going into the summer with some money in the summer fund will allow even more time with the family. Maybe to the family reunion in Missouri. Who knows? Thank you, Lord, for keeping your promises. 

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