Monday, April 6, 2015

Shout Out! 001

Shout-Outs are a new addition to my blog. They are to recognize people's accomplishments or to express my gratitude for their good and kind deeds. It's a way to celebrate the little things that may otherwise go unnoticed.


I feel compelled to give a shout-out to AK. She is celebrating a milestone in her life by discovering...or rediscovering how incredible of a person she is. Something I have always known.  Whatever her story, whatever struggles she has encountered...she has now conquered. For three years now she has been proof that God cuts no one's path short. There are no decisions that are not welcome at the Cross. No decisions that keep us from finding our path. I have only seen her once in twenty years, but without conversation. If I were to see her today, I would tell her how proud of her I am and that I'm not surprised at all that she was able to turn things around and cut the tether from the enemy. I'm sure she has already inspired many, but that's only the beginning.

I always believed in you.


My Brother

During a recent trip back home to PA, my brother and his wife graciously invited me and my girls to stay with them. It wasn't several days like it has been in the past, but to allow three more girls into their loving Christian home meant a lot. I always enjoy time with my older brother and his family and my girls had such a good time playing with their cousins.

My Best Friend

My best pal is quite the guy. Unable to find or keep a date that his family and mine could visit each other, he took it upon himself to travel to Lancaster for the second time in two weeks just to be able to see me for an hour or two. His dedication to our friendship is worth celebrating.

Joni and Dennis

We don't have much family in Virginia, but we are thankful to have Joni and Dennis. They invited us into their home on Easter Sunday where we enjoyed good food and wonderful company. My girls had a blast hunting for 80-some eggs and had just as much fun hiding them. And even the Easter Bunny showed up. Thank you for that, Matt. Thank you also to Mike and Katie. It was great seeing all of you again.

Christ Church

The list is long for our church and our beloved community of believers, but a special thanks to Pastor John and co. for giving us an amazing Holy Thursday service and an uplifting Easter one. I'm so glad to be part of your family.

The Zapatas

Three years ago the Zapatas lost their newborn baby, Solomon, after only a few days. I cannot imagine the heartbreak they had to endure. Their strength in Christ, their unfaltering faith is absolutely inspiring. It has been a pleasure getting to know this couple in the last several months. They have a light shining for the Lord that's brighter than the most beautiful day.

Mom, Grandpa and Uncle Ehren

We celebrated Easter a week early this year as my brothers and I celebrated at my grandpa's house. The girls and their cousins enjoyed painting eggs and thanks to my brother Ehren's creativity, an indoor egg hunt was made even better. His clues for a special egg was a nice touch. My mom took charge of all the food and I'm sure did other behind-the-scene things including changing the date to work around the time that I'd be in town. So I'm thankful for all of them for helping to make it a great day for me and my girls.


During my quest for a new van for me and my family, Evan came across one in Lancaster. Since I couldn't find any deals that suited my situation down here in Virginia, I ended up getting that very one. I joined the Honda Odyssey club! I'm thankful for him keeping an eye out for me. Of course, if the used van ends up being a burden, then I'm removing this Shout-Out! 

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