Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Shout Out! 002

Shout-Outs are a new addition to my blog. They are to recognize people's accomplishments or to express my gratitude for their good and kind deeds. It's a way to celebrate the little things that may otherwise go unnoticed.

I will put about 5 entries for each post so keep checking back!


Accidents are scary. If you don't know that due to experience, consider yourself lucky. If you survived an accident then you don't need to be reminded how fortunate you are. A friend of mine, with her young son as a passenger, was recently in a car accident where, from the sounds of it, the other driver didn't think stopping at a four-way stop was necessary.  The van plowed into KQs car scaring her and her son out of their minds. Her son is okay and KQ has nothing broken, but has some intense therapy ahead of her. KQ is a friend and fellow colleague. An amazing woman and we almost lost her. Thank you, Lord, for protecting them.


Growing up - fourth grade to somewhere in middle school - one of my best friends was Jonathan. We hung out a lot during school and spent time over and each other's houses. At my house, we would watch movies and eat popcorn - almost having to get some sucked out of our lungs at one point. Then all of the sudden he wasn't a Brave anymore. He moved and became a despised Golden Mule. That was probably the late 80s. Here it is 2015 and I not only have I seen him once in all of those years, but that one meeting was the only time we communicated. No snail-mail, email, texting or calling. During our conversation, we discovered our love of U2 and talked about Jacob wrestling the angel in Bullet the Blue Sky and the Biblical references in their music. That was the last time we spoke or saw each other. Then Facebook came along and he was one of the first people I searched. Turns out, he didn't join Facebook until just recently. Lying in bed scrolling through the "people you may know" I finally saw him. The next couple of days we had some long chats and caught up a little and realized a visit may be pretty easy. Living in Strasburg, four miles from where we had our sleepovers, will make it quite possible to finally see each other again when I'm home from Virginia. To boot, his brother-in-law lives in Springfield where I teach. Thank you Facebook for helping people reconnect.

Bailey Grace

When I first started up my blog again, this time with a more serious determination to stick with it, Dinner Devotions were some of my first posts. I had found a book to read at dinner time while my family and I sat around our table we were blessed to have and the food we were blessed to have in front of us. They were short and sweet and although we never had deep conversations about the passages - my daughters are only 9, 6 and 4 - there had been some questions and some teachable moments. As with a lot of things the consistency of that fell by the wayside for a time-being with passages only being read sporadically. The last few nights Bailey has been the one to retrieve the book while we were sitting down. Finding the page with the day's date, she handed me the book without saying much, but at the same time saying so much. It was a great moment for me to have my six-year-old realize and remember the importance of those dinner devotions. Thank you, B! Love you!


Only recently have we been able to take our three daughters to the movies. The youngest, Sophie, who is 4, still struggles a bit, but these family outing are quite fun for everyone. Recently we took them to see Cinderella at the new Springfield Town Center. Our first experience with electric reclining chairs. Sophie played with button the entire time, but what a cool experience! But the only reason we have been able to take the girls to see movies is because Jeff has given our family gift cards for Christmas (and other occasions as well I think). It gets pretty pricey taking a family of five to the movies (in my opinion no movie ticket should be a penny over five dollars...reclining seats or not) and with the gift cards we can get the full experience by indulging in popcorn and treats. His gift of the movies is greatly appreciated.

Fairfax County Public Schools

Just when I thought FCPS was all out of stupid decisions, they go and make another one. At some point, don't you just run out? I guess not. FCPS is the Energizer Bunny of stupid decisions. Tell me if this makes sense. You have special education students that need hours and hours and hours and hours of service with a Special Education teacher and then you take that person's job away. Not firing that person, but rather removing their job position completely. Make sense? Nope! Nearly a quarter of the fifth grade class have IEPs. That's just one grade out of seven in the school. So let me get this straight FCPS, you have spent MILLIONS on changing the time when high school students start their day (bone-headed decision by the way), but you won't spend money to save a position that affects so many students?! Thank you FCPS for earning my first sarcastic thank you. Oh, and thanks for taking summer pay away too. It's always a joy borrowing more money in order to pay bills.

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