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Letters to Janice: October 13, 1945

During and after the second World War, my grandparents wrote many letters back and forth to each other. She kept every one he had ever written. A couple of years ago, soon after her passing - and after a long search - my grandpa found the letters and shared them with me. And now with his permission I'm sharing them with you. I'm fascinated by this time period and am excited to have this part of their history written down and preserved forever.

13 October 1945
U.S.S. PC 1078
San Fran. Calif.

My Dear Janice,

     Well the movie just got over and now I'm lying in bed writing this letter. I was going to type it but somebody swiped the chair so, I couldn't.

     We had a swell movie tonight, "Going My Way." I think I saw it about three times now, but I like it more every time.

     To-day was the first letter that I received from you in seventeen (17) days. Didn't you write? Or what?

     I wrote to Andy this afternoon. Dad sent me the address. When are you going to send me Jake's address?

     I'm taking tests for ?????. I've already taken 5 tomorrow I'll take 4 more then I'll only have 3 more to go. But it's a lot of red tape to get anything out of this Navy. 

     It just came to me that this was Sat. night. This is really some way to spend it.

     I'm getting to like the ship a little more now. Maybe it's because I have too.

     My buddy got a letter from his girl to-day. She really gave him particular...(heck). She found out that he was writing to her girlfriend. I almost died laughing at what she said.

     My buddy just told me that I don't put any emotion in my letters. But I don't know how.

     Boy, it really gets monotonous not getting any mail for seventeen (17) whole days. Nobody writes to me anymore.

Write soon
Ocean of Love
Ralph Hump.

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