Sunday, May 17, 2015

Letters to Janice: October 28, 1945

28 October 1945
U.S.S. PC 1078

Dear Janice,

     Everytime I write to you, it seems a harder task to start a letter.

     How is everything back there? I'd give a lot to be back there right now. I'm getting tired of loafing around here. It gets so monotonous doing nothing all the time.

     Tomorrow I think that we are going to sea. I think that we will be out about for at least six days.

     You said that Bill sent me some letters. If he did I never received them. In fact I've only gotten three letters all week. This ship has not been getting any mail lately. I suppose that (it) is tied up some place.

     Jane said that she and Herm are taking you and some others to see Andy pretty soon. I really envy Andy getting a chance to see you. I wish that "YOU" were coming to see me instead of Andy. (Selfish ain't it). It would really  be good to see some people from around home again. ESPECIALLY YOU.

     Sometime soon I'm going to send you a picture of the ship, also a picture that Dale and I took the other day in town.

     You said that Barney said that I wouldn't take time to read that last big letter that you sent me. Tell Barney that I would read your letters anytime and anyplace. Just so it is a letter that is all that matters.

     I saw a good movie last night it had plenty of women in it. It's funny how men all like those kind of pictures isn't it?

     I think that I had better quit now. Just one thought; I still love YOU, is the feeling mutual?

                           WITH LOVE AND KISSES

Movie referenced: Your guess is as good as mine.


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