Sunday, May 17, 2015

Letters to Janice: October 4, 1945

4 Oct. 1945


     Well, since I wrote to your sister today I thought I might as well write to you also.

     First I'll ask you a few questions then maybe I can think up something to tell you.

    Will you please send me Jakes address; Did you receive a letter from my friend yet? I saw him writing it to you so I thought that I might write to his girlfriend too. I don't know what he put in it he wouldn't let me read it. It's sort of funny writing to someone that you don't even know.

     Last night I watched the ship that I was on before head back to the states. It was sort of hard to know that is was going back home with out you aboard.

     Ask Chet if he remember me? He and Andy and I used to go around a little together. I think that he is a pretty nice guy.

     Hows come everybody that writes to me always tells me to watch out for these Hula Hula girls? What do they think that I am a wolf in sailor's clothing. 

     Tell Doris that she needn't read this letter because I wrote the same thing to her.

     How's your driving coming along? Just the same or a little worse? How do you like those twiddley compliments? Don't ask me about my typing because one can see by the page.

     Tell Barney to write. Tell him that I'm starting a new policy, I'm not going to write to anybody that don't write to me.


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