Thursday, May 7, 2015

Shout Out!: 004

Shout-Outs are a new addition to my blog. They are to recognize people's accomplishments or to express my gratitude for their good and kind deeds. It's a way to celebrate the little things that may otherwise go unnoticed.

I will put about 5 entries for each post so keep checking back!

A Get By With a Little Help From My...Neighbor.

And I didn't even know his name. Worse yet, I still don't. It's not as bad as it sounds, but yes, I know, I should know his name by now. After all, if it weren't for him I don't know what I would have done this morning.

I went out, started my car like always and despite its problems, it started as always. However, there was something different. Not a weird sound. Not a strange smell. I'm quite accustomed to both of those. This time it was the battery light which hasn't shown up at all in the time since I inherited the car. 

Let me preface the rest of this by saying my battery has proven to be sensitive to the touch. For example, once and awhile my car won't start when leaving for home at the end of the work day. All I have to do is push down gently on the rubber cap covering the positive terminal and Wah La! It's good to go. So, I open the hood this morning - leaving my car running - to take a look at the battery. Now my knowledge on cars is...nearly nonexistent. So unless there was going to be a fried squirrel under my hood, I wouldn't recognize a problem. I pushed down on the rubber cap covering the positive terminal - mostly out of habit - but there was no need to do this. The car was running. Everything was "working". And if I had resisted to do so my day would have been normal. But what is the fun in that?!

By pushing down on the cap, my sensitive battery decided to put my car in complete lock-down mode. Which means I was about to enter a locked-out mood. Although, I do give myself credit. I kept my cool for the most part. No profanity nor any fists through windows. Some panic about how I would get to work, but overall pretty cool, calm and collected.

With my car running and my doors locked - and my spare key in my bag which was on the front seat - I ran inside to get a metal hanger. These are hard to come by. The only reason I have them is because of our church's consignment sale (ranked # 1 in VA). I always keep some for this very reason that now presented itself.

My neighbor, seeing what I was obviously doing, said, "Sometimes it works better with two." Long story short, forty-five minutes later he snags the door lock, gives it a gentle tug back and my car is open and I would still be at work an hour before the kids got there (I get there very early).

Not so fast, Mahoney! Problem is, my car...well, has problems. One of them being something screwy with the idle. It always stalls at lights and stop-signs. Ten minutes in to our "break-in" it had stopped running. Which is good. However, now, my car didn't want to start. Battery. Dead.

We jump it. It works...until my idle gives out. We jump it again. It works...for a second or two. Yep, the idle. Next try drew smoke from somewhere - I think my battery - but my poor neighbor almost burns his hands because the cables are so hot. 

I couldn't find a ride to work so ended up taking the girls to school and I drove with Angie to my school. She had a meeting at church nearby so it worked out. I was forty-five minutes late, but thankfully the kids had engineering first thing so everything was good.

A big thank you to my neighbor for his help and for not swearing...too much. And another thank you to my team for making sure the students arrived okay and for taking attendance. And of course to our friend Kim for picking me up and taking me home. Then to Jeff as well for once again helping me out by installing the new battery for me. Surrounded by blessings.

Bottom-line: It was a beautiful, cool May morning. And I wasn't going to sweat the small stuff. Who knows? Maybe all of that prevented something disastrous from happening.


The Essentials

I don't know much about essential oils other than some are the same oils used in Bible-times. But when I asked the FB community if they knew a cure for my never-going-away-always-and-easily-strained-hamstrings, one friend offered to concoct a special blend. I keep forgetting that I have it so I haven't tried it yet, but whether it heals or not, I'm sure my muscles will enjoy it and I just enjoy the fact that someone offered to do that for me without a price. Thank you, Melanie! Go Oils!

Teacher Appreciation

A big "Thank You" for all the students and parents that expressed their appreciation this week with gift cards and sweets (Oh, and my first bottle of cologne...and not just as a gift from a my first bottle of cologne since I got Claiborne for men on sale at Kmart in Shippensburg). Anyway, it smells nice. I know it's not always easy to buy presents. I know even spending a few dollars can be painful, but your generosity is greatly appreciated.

Pastor John

Our church is moving! It's been a long time coming, but the Lord is blessing us with a new church and it's nearing completion. The first weekend of August we will be singing and praising in a brand new facility. And it looks amazing! Pastor John was kind enough to take time away from his schedule to give me a personal tour through the building showing me the worship center and all of the classrooms and even where the 50-cent soda machine will be! Envisioning all the ministers of Christ Church conversing and celebrating made me feel the energy generated by the Holy Spirit moving through the new building already. We are blessed. Thank you John for taking time to walk me through and thank you all involved (especially God) for making this come to fruition. Amen!

FCPS (Particularly the School Board)

Leave it to the school board of this going-down-the-drain-faster-than-you-can-say-pay-raise - county to give me no other choice but to write another sarcastic Shout-Out. So, thank you FCPS school board for ignoring - with a great magnitude of disrespect - the teachers that you claim you appreciate. I'm having difficulty seeing how your actions show that. Maybe it's just me. But thank you for giving yourselves a much-deserved 32% raise while we the teachers get squat. I mean I guess you are the ones that sit on your butts all-day and do nothing but make stupid decisions so, yes, I guess it makes sense. I mean whoever said putting food on the table for my three girls was important all the while paying bills etc. Don't worry, taking out a third loan for the third summer in a row is no skin off my teeth. Thank you again for showing us how important we really are. Enjoy your already-six-figure incomes. Food on your table must be aplenty. 

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