Sunday, May 10, 2015

You Are Enough

Inspired by Pastor Monica's sermon.

Mother's Day

Last year I referred to you as the Mighty. While that name still rings louder and truer than ever before, this year there is something else I need to make sure that you know. I will tell you what it is, but it is you that must decide to trust its truth and believe  it between every breath breathed in all the minutes of the day. It's three simple words. Not "I love you." Those aren't simple. Those are deep and layered with emotions. These words are absent of complications. Absent of heartache, but are still filled with the power of filling your heart with an emotion that you bring to so many others. Joy.

When I say them, I want you to be ready to dismiss all doubt. Cover and close up any illusion that makes you feel unworthy of this praise. Above all, I need you to know that I believe it. I wouldn't say it otherwise.

My love. My beautiful bride. A wonderful mother. A song-filled spirit. 


You may doubt. I think we all do. But while you may doubt and question your performance as a mother, your role as loving and caring nurturer and provider, there is no need. It's without question that you are enough. That you do enough.  

Our precious daughters  don't doubt it either. Through times where you may think your patience wasn't up to par or your tone was tepid, they know they are loved. They know, as I know, they are blessed to have a mother like you. One of pure love, the utmost generosity and of unwavering Christ-like character. They know, as I know, that home is where hands are held and hugs are dealt and words of joy and love are spread. They know, as I know, you're the best mother. One that appreciates and relishes in the joys of motherhood.

Both of my parents taught me lessons of character. They got me off on the right foot in life. But I don't live with them anymore. You are the one I'm with each and every day so I cannot give them all the credit for making me the person I am today. It is you that keeps me accountable for my actions, keeps me striving to become a better husband, a better father...a better man. You deserve that. You deserve someone that will always push to be better and not to accept failure as the destination, but rather a stepping stone in the right direction. 

If my words hurt sometimes - and I know they do - don't ever doubt that it's you that isn't enough. If my actions crush your spirit, don't ever doubt that it's you that isn't enough. You are enough. You do enough. There's nothing more that you need to do. What you do is amazing. What you do is make me thankful that I have you as the mother of our girls. Because of that, they will grow with grace, walk with wisdom and serve selflessly. They will do this because


Happy Mother's Day, my Love.

I love you.

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