Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Student Apology Letters: 002

I usually have students write some sort of letter after they do something stupid. They hate it which is exactly why I do it. Are they really sorry? Will they learn from this and making better choices? Not anytime soon, most likely. They know what they're supposed to write, so they write it - usually as if they have never learned how to construct a paragraph (or a sentence for that matter) - in their entire lives.

Preface: Field Day. One station was set up as more of a rest area where students may have ONE snow cone. Their hands were marked so the teachers serving the cones knew whether or not they had already had one. Of course, some boys, thought it would be funny to take more. By doing so, they left less snow cones for the primary grades who were partaking in field day in the afternoon.

Today on field day, I have tooken more than one snowcone and I know that younger students that did'nt get a snowcone were willing to get a snowcone. Today I made a selfish decision and next time I will never do what I did. Next time I will get more mature a start growing up to become a sixth grader. What I did today what not even close to be the right thing to do. As a fifth grader going up to sixth grade, I know I made a really dum choice. Because of me, field day has ended. I know that younger students than me really wanted to have a snowcone but, because of me they didn't get a snowcone. Everyone was probably enjoying field day but they probably got really mad cause we had to end it. I am so sorry for what I did today on field day. Today I have tooken three snowcones. I know everyone is dissapointed at me for ending field day early. For what I did today was not the right thing to do. I'm going say it again, I am sorry for what I did today and I promise I will never do it again. I will act more mature when I start growing up and thing I did was not the right thing. -J

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