Monday, August 17, 2015

Happy 13th Anniversary!

It was a day to remember. A never-to-be-forgotten day wrapped up by the Creator with faith, hope and love only to be opened and displayed in front of a sea of family and friends.

Just to have friends there made it perfect. Friends from high school. Friends from college. Even friends from out-of-state that ventured north to share the glorious moment.

It was perfect just to have family there. Family that was there almost every day of our lives. Family from miles and miles away. Family that has since left us and now reside in His kingdom.

It was perfect just to have my best-men stand in front of the church at my side. They weren't groomsmen. They were best-men for a reason. My brothers by blood and my cousin - all my best friends in life. Each one a brother in Christ. They stood in no particular order because I love them all. My only regret was not having my dad up there with me.

It was perfect because your mom was there to "give you away" and your youngest sister as the flower girl - who thought our wedding-night suite was our house.

It was perfect because you had Maria - your best friend growing up, your other sister, Amy,  as well as Gayle - another friend and my cousin - and a friend for life from college, Rachel, to stand beside you.

It was perfect just to have Gayle sing so beautifully and Dianne play so gracefully on the piano (sorry that we didn't want the organ).

It was perfect just to have my aunt Cheryl and our campus minister and friend, Jan, lead and guide the ceremony. Both had wonderful, poetic words to say.

And just when I thought it couldn't get or be any more perfect, you walked down the aisle. You were literally breathtaking. A stunning picture of magnificent beauty. It is a memory I keep replaying in my mind and in the pockets of my heart.

You're beauty and elegance have only magnified from that day. There are no words that can describe the intricate grace of you, my wife.

For so many things, I thank you. I thank you for our precious girls, our ever-growing marriage and for your partnership in being the spiritual leader of our home.

With a daily goal of becoming the husband you deserve, I love you.

Happy 13th!


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