Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Daddy's Log

Daddy's Log: September 6th of the year 2015.

I was chosen to be co-pilot on this particular mission. Being my first choice made it all the more exciting. It was a mission that would prove to be most adventurous. Our lone objective was not to capture, but to simply prove its existence. A rare specimen to be sure. A crossbreed between a horse and...something with a horn. But this, so the rumors we want to believe so badly tell us, was a unicorn like no other. There were legends. There were campfire stories. And there were dreams by young space adventurers such as myself of how magnificent and extraordinary it would be to come face-to-face, if for only a moment, with this beautiful beast.

There were no difficulties at the launch site although saying goodbye to loved ones as they too departed on a journey to worship the Creator. The Holy One they call Him. As much as I wanted and needed to join them in their spiritual endeavor, I felt a calling to be part of the unicorn mission.

We successfully fueled the ship with the spice of Cinnamon, my copilot and I, and held hands as the mission commenced. Our first obstacle was crossing the Land of Cotton owned and operated by a beastly man named Mill Road (You can't make this stuff up, people). He sensed we were coming. Either that or the technology used to sight and destroy trespassers had since magnified in its power and accuracy. Of course, he could've been warned ahead time by a filthy mole. Meteors zipped down the left side of the untouchable yellow parallel lines and zapped down the right. It was by God's grace (and using our training of looking both ways) that got us through the attack my Mill Road safely. The only problem was that we would most likely face a similar, if not, a more ferocious attack on our journey home. If we were so lucky to make it to our destination. There was always chance that things could go wrong.

Once through the attack things went smoothly. We found a cement pad that stretched a hundred yards or so that allowed us to stay a safe distance from any wondering meteors that fell of course.

When we landed, the pilot - a beautiful creature (most likely human and most likely birthed from a radiant creature herself) - ran very child-like to a place we would call home for the next five hundred guhlaktoes (that's thirty minutes in Earth terms). Our stay had to be short due to the constant rising temperatures of this land so affectionately called, Fantasy Playground. Indeed it was. Filled with creatures that have evolved over millions of years played so  joyfully with the other voyagers that appeared to be just like us.

To our utmost amazement, my pilot spotted the unicorn with her binoculars. Something that I absentmindedly forgot to pack. Thankfully my pilot showed kindness and shared hers with me. Upon looking through the binoculars, that were oddly shaped like human fingers made into a circular shape, I was astounded by the vision that appeared before me. Although brief, it was a moment I will always remember. The unicorn in the distance was indeed rare and most beautiful. Dashing quickly around the pebbled surface I notice and realized why it was rare. Rather than using all four limbs to run, it chose only to use its hind legs making it appear human-like in a fantastical sort of way.

Having lost sight of it only after being able to witness it's rarity for a short time, my pilot wiped her very blonde hair out of her eyes and motioned for me to join her in the spaceship. The pilot, although intelligent for her age, still seemed naive and inexperienced at times. This was made most clear to me when she came up with the silly idea of transporting ourselves to a different location in order to once again find the unicorn. A unicorn with the letter B so elegantly painted on her fur. 

"We must fly to the Land of Hoosiers!" the captain ordered. Not questioning her - for I learned quite some time ago this particular pilot has a mind of her own and when it's made up it's made up. Setting the coordinates for a land I have never visited, I some how felt confident that the pilot knew what she was doing. Unfortunately the unicorn could not be found in the Land of Hoosiers. Without letting defeat get us down we set off for the Land of Sunshine only to be disappointed again. The Land of Keystones also was wasted although prints were found in the soil. At first I thought they were unicorn markings, but further studies revealed they were markings of three creatures of Dorkish descent called Unkees. Yes, Unkees.

I suggested that perhaps going back to Fantasy Playground would serve this mission most effectively. The pilot joyously agreed. It was a good thing to because upon arrival - within mere minutes of our reentry - we once again spotted the unicorn marked with a B. With my superior knowledge of such beasts (although my wife would disagree) I was able to lure her in and the pilot and I touched the magical fur of the unicorn.

Unfortunately the readings on our space-travel gear were showing depleted oxygen. The beep beep beep warning frightened the unicorn and off it scampered like a tiny ballerina. Making it safely back into the spaceship, we set our course for home. But travel would prove most difficult as Mill Road threw everything he had at us. Meteors and syouvees and sea-dans almost halted our journey for good. When it appeared we would never see our loved ones again, a malfunction saved us causing a delay in meteors. Crossing the yellow parallel lines safely we held hands as our ship descended upon home where are story of finding the unicorn marked with a B would be told for years and years. THE END

This is something I had never done before. Two days ago I took my youngest two daughters to the Fantasy Playground located a short walk away from our home. While there, my middle daughter whom we call B, pretended to be a unicorn while Sophie, my youngest, tried to find her. So, inspired by the amazing Kate DiCamillo from the day before, I took this little routine trip - with a little dash of their own imagination - and turned into a little story. A writing exercise that has proven to be very fun and hopefully enjoyed by my girls.

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