Saturday, September 19, 2015

Pumpkin Patch 2015

It's not even a pumpkin patch, but that's what we have always called it. Our annual family adventure to Cox's Farm was today and I am pretty certain we continued to solidify this yearly memory into the minds and hearts of our three girls. They had a blast. Never tiring. For myself, I felt my body calling out to me, "You're gonna lose me here soon if you don't do somethin' about it," at about 1:00. Which, judging from experience (this was our seventh - I think - trip there) gave me another hour. The girls, all hot, sweaty and coated in a fresh dusting of farm dirt that blew itself onto all of us as we walked around for a few hours, could have kept going. But four hours seems to be the perfect amount of time. We once again enjoyed the sights and sounds the farm-turned-amusement-park had to offer. Kettle corn was purchased and apple cider was consumed with smiles and joy. Having gone thirty days only drinking water (with the exception of milk in cereal), I rewarded myself with a tall glass of homemade cider. Actually they were short paper cups, but either way, I guzzled enough to bring much needed refreshment with the blazing sun above in a most beautiful sky. 

I looked mostly looked forward to the Dino Slide. I climbed. I sat. I slid. I smiled. A good way to say start saying goodbye to my thirties. My girls are now all old enough to pretty much run, play and conquer their own adventures. They don't need us to stand in line with them or hold them as we swoop through the air down a hay bale bordered slide. But I'm thankful they still do need us. I'm thankful for waking up to a freshly-sealed day which contains the contents of both mess-ups and successes. I'm thankful that my girls are still young enough that they call out "Daddy" when scared and - in a completely different tone - when I come home. My girls are growing. Tonight when they go to bed, it will be the last time I see them as they are. For when the morning comes, they will have already changed. With wisdom bestowed upon me by God, I know it will be only for the better.

Lord, I ask with a whole heart for wisdom for both my wife and I (because we are completely equal in the roles of spiritual leadership) to continue to guide our girls into the amazing women you have planned for them to be. It is with a great honor we take this duty and a full heart that we say how grateful we are for the blessings that you have given us.

Here are some more pictures from our day:

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