Saturday, September 5, 2015


Below is a completely off-the-top-of-the-head paragraph. It's also completely unedited. It has remained untouched. I wrote it in 8 minutes not stopping to think if it makes sense. I have no idea if it makes sense, but I do know little exercises like this are least for me. They may not be for you, but as always I hope you enjoy.

two thoughts fused together I wondered where would this newly found idea take me. Would I soar and swell with adventurous tone? Or stumble beneath it's brutality. It's up to me because these two thoughts joined and idea and everything including America itself is and was an idea. Ideas are the launching pad of different worlds - worlds you create from the one that's already been created. Ideas will build succumbing only to the end of the page where magically another always happens to appear. So once you think the work is done there's room for more. I hope my ideas ignite and not diffuse unless they diffuse a bad situation. The situation is the story. You the writer may start wherever you'd like as long as in the end the end has a middle and a beginning. You may think that the one that holds the pen or who owns the fingers that are doing the typing may be the one in control, but I disagree for I've been there when the story that I thought I was creating created a whole new life of its own. Holding onto the reigns when a story takes off is a thrill-ride to say the least. As I wait somewhat impatiently for a new idea I reach into the back pocket of my imagination and realize the ideas are always there, but like a wildflower standing on a windless hill under a midnight sky, it exists whether you're there or not but will only sustain life if another life comes forth. Ideas are there so I ask what will you do with them. Will you ignite or implode? Either way, a story will unfold.

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