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Shout-Outs are a (not so) new addition to my blog. These Shout-Outs are to recognize people's accomplishments or to express my gratitude for their good and kind deeds or for just doing something awesome in their lives. It's a way to celebrate the little things that may otherwise go unnoticed.

Updated: October 3, 2015

The Least, the Lonely...and a Grace-Filled Moment

Following is a post my wife wrote on Facebook sharing an experience that she recently encountered that reminded her everything in and on our path is for a reason. I'm proud of my wife for recognizing this and extending grace to outcasts of society. On this day, she did exactly what Jesus was teaching us to do. It doesn't matter where in the world - whether here at home or far away - the marginalized need to be extended the grace and love that is deserved by all.

By: Angie Graybill

I wanted to share an experience I had yesterday at the post office. To give you a picture of the day, it was a typical rushed and chaotic morning full of frenetic activity. I dropped off the girls to school and Monday, being my day at home to catch-up, I went to the grocery store for a big shopping trip for the week.

After coming home and putting everything away, and catching up on all the chores, I remembered I had some mail I had to send out. Since I needed stamps, I knew I had to go to the post office down the street. When I glanced at the time, I realized that I probably did not have time to go before Sophie was dropped off at my house from school. I texted my friend who I carpool with, and let her know I was going to dash to the post office. When I got there, there was a line, but waited anxiously watching the time. 

Standing still in this line was the first time I had actually stopped moving since I sprung out of bed in the morning. As I stood there impatiently, wishing I had just waited to come in, I noticed the man in front of me. His clothes were well worn and he was pretty dirty himself. It appeared he had not bathed in awhile. He clutched a small manila envelope with what appeared to be a twinkle in his eye. When it was his turn, the very stern regular postal-worker weighed the envelope and told him that it would be 93 cents. He grabbed some loose change from his pocket and spread it out on the counter for the worker to sort through.

He appeared to not realize if he had enough. I could not stop wondering what was in the small package, why he touched it so tenderly, or where he came from and what his circumstance was. After counting the change, the lady told him that he did not have enough. He looked at her and looked at the envelope and I could tell he was trying to figure out what to do. I have no idea what he had since I could not really see, but I looked in my wallet, and was actually shocked to see that I had change in it. I rarely used cash and so rarely have change, but in my wallet were three quarters. I handed them to the man and asked if that would help. The lady said that that was exactly what he needed. His face lit up and he smiled from ear to ear and thanked me profusely before saying, "God bless you," and walking away. 

I know it was only three quarters, but I was struck by how that made such a big difference to the man. I still can't help but wonder what was in the envelope. I think of our current sermon series that talks about Jesus reaching out to everyone.. to the outcasts, to the least, and the lonely. Praying for this man tonight, wherever he may be. And for the lesson to slow down, and take a moment to reach out to anyone that might come upon your path, because the truth is you were probably put there for a reason.

Jamberry Queen

"This one goes out to the one I love..." Okay, so I can't sing like the great Michael Stipe, but this one really does go out to the one I love. My wife. Recently, Angie became a Jamberry consultant and she's been on fire! What a great product for women! So many designs. So easy to use. They last longer than painted nails and catch more people's attention too. One of the things I appreciate the most about all of it is that you can take your child's artwork and turn into your personal nail design. How cool is that?! Angie has had so much success selling jamberry that she made the Top 10 list. Not just any Top 10. Out of 890 other consultants, she was 9th! No weekly meetings. No charging people for cds and books. No weekend retreats that put you out hundreds of dollars. No stupid and ridiculous qualifiers (just to have a freaking cookout at your upline's house). No arrogant people on stage pretending they're perfect (although some were great speakers). Eat that, BWW and Amway!

To my wife for working hard trying to earn a little more cash for us, I thank you. This Shout-Out is for you! Proud of you!

Here's the link to her site!:


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