Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Letters to Janice: April 28, 1945

During and after the second World War, my grandparents wrote many letters back and forth to each other. She kept every one he had ever written. A couple of years ago, soon after her passing - and after a long search - my grandpa found the letters and shared them with me. And now with his permission I'm sharing them with you. I'm fascinated by this time period and am excited to have this part of their history written down and preserved forever.

April 28, 1945
Bainbridge Pa.

Dear Janice,

     I don't know how to start a letter either, and this is another...try. 

     I really feel good to-day. I received five letters to-day, but yours I cherish more than all the rest.

    Friday night we cleaned house around here. I mean clean too. We washed 68 windows, 8 panes each. I mean we too. We swabbed decks, waxed them and cleaned everything. This morning a Lt. came around and inspected our barracks. Everything was ship-shape.

     Around 10:00, we went to the drill field, where they were having a parade. About 1600 sailors, dressed in blue, carrying rifles were passing in review before the Commanding officers. A band was playing and a few airplanes passed overhead. It was really pretty. Everyone in step. In about 5 wks., I'll be out there parading.

     They are really strict, one mate was court-martialed just for wearing somebody else's clothes.

     I bet Nancy was embarrassed Sunday night. I would have broken right out laughing if I would have been there. So Twid Twanged in a pwoodle (??) did he, did he (get) much on him?

     I'm in a fog. You said something about cupcakes, if Jane found them. I don't know what you mean. Please explain

      I can have visitors about my 4 or 5th week. I'll let you know. I hope my hair is back by then. My hair grows fast, I have about the most hair around here. Most guys are still bald. Not screw-bulb either. The boots that have been here a long time call us skin heads.

     One week and one day is gone. Just 8 wks 6 days left. Did Hersh and Barney break their arms. They haven't written yet?

     You tell Betty why I can't be there.
     How is Chris Jr.
     I got a letter from Nancy!!! Who led C.E. this week?

     To day we were marching to chow, one guy beside me was out of step, he made a skip to get back in step, he slipped and fell flat on his face. I didn't push him and he got a little on  him. I guess he felt just like Nancy and Warren did Sunday.

     Well keep writing regularly. Maybe I'll be seeing you in  a few wks. I sure do hope so. There goes that southern talk again.

Love and Kisses
Ralph Homsher

P.S. Pardon these mistakes especially the one on the envelope.

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