Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Letters to Janice: May 13, 1945

During and after the second World War, my grandparents wrote many letters back and forth to each other. She kept every one he had ever written. A couple of years ago, soon after her passing - and after a long search - my grandpa found the letters and shared them with me. And now with his permission I'm sharing them with you. I'm fascinated by this time period and am excited to have this part of their history written down and preserved forever.

May 13, 1945
Bainbridge, Md.

Dear Janice,

I probably won't have enough news to finish this but I'll try.

Baldy sent me another letter talking about his fight with Ernst, but didn't say how it started.

Well I guess I'm sort of lucky, I don't have anything to do to-day and I believe nothing for a whole week. I hope so. Maybe I can catch up on a few things.

Saturday I went to sick (Pay?). I'm OK. now. My eyes still hurt a little, but not like they did.

Next week we can have visitors, but only our immediate family.  I got a letter from Hood, he tries to sound like an old salt.

How is Barney and (M.J.B.?) making out. Did he find out what she meant by "invited out"?

If you think about it tell (Homain?) that Donald Arnold is in my company.

How is commencement coming along?

Did you get any name cards for me?

Tell me how much my announcements and pennants and things will cost.

I really slept lots to-day, till 6:00. Nobody wakened me so kept sleeping. 

Are you going to have a class night?

What was the field day like?

How did the choir sound to-day? I can guess.

Who ate with who at the *box social?

Did you hear from Jake lately?

Write soon
With Love

*Box social is a term for a social event that was widely used in the early 1900s with varying definitions in Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States.

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