Friday, January 22, 2016

Letters to Janice: May 15, 1945

May 15, 1945
Bainbridge, Md.

Dear Janice,

I've been trying for 15 minutes trying to start this letter, but I can't figure a way out. These guys are really carrying on.

I was watching a ball game, now I'm laying on my bunk.

This place is so dull that I can't get any news, all I can do is ask questions. All I did to-day was mess around the barracks hanging a few screens, standing guard a couple of hours.

This weather has certainly changed. To-day it started out foggy, then it rained, now its hot as blazes.

My eyes are OK now, so they are going to try to make me work. I don't know who will win but I have my guess.

Don't forget their is a back gate to this place. I don't exactly know how to get there from the outside. It is right behind my barracks. If you get a chance come down.

Tell me what goes on around school and church! Are you having class night. When are your semester tests? When is field day coming up. What is it going to be?

I wrote Mr. Blanting (?) a letter the other day.

I'm really out of news

So Long
Lot of Love

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