Friday, January 29, 2016

Letters to Janice: May 16, 1945

May 16, 1945
Bainbridge Md.

Dear Janny,

I'm the same now, too, I just don't know how to start a letter. I'm pretty tired so I'll use that as an excuse. I worked harder to-day than I ever did. It wasn't my fault I worked hard, that boot-pusher we had was really a slave-driver. We worked 15 hrs. to day, just swabbing decks. That is really tiresome especially when it is the same deck over and over again. (We did) have a little fun yelling at the guys walking back and forth to get off the deck and hit the line. We could do that for three more days. So if you don't get any letter you'll know what happened.That's really neat about getting the boats fixed up. It won't do me much good though. I'll have to come home and show those land (?) how to handle those boats.

Did you do anything in the "field day?" I'm thinking about choir practice now, and wishing (?) there, carrying on a little. This Navy is agreeing with me in one way anyhow. I weighed myself to-day, and I gained 10 lbs. (all muscle).

They put my name on the honor roll down at Gap. Clyde Graham gave me a silver dollar for a good luck piece.

..............I'll be seeing you sometime soon, I hope.

Lots of Love

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