Friday, January 29, 2016

Letters to Janice: May 19, 1945

May 19, 1945
Bainbridge, Md
7:15 PM.  

Dear Janice,

Well to-day was our last work day for awhile. Is everybody glad; you should hear them.

I just got done "??"  up my clothes for to-morrow. My parents are coming up. I wish I could see you, and some of the rest too. To-day was pretty easy, we fooled around about three hours, this afternoon writing our own replacements. I really ..... away today. I went in the baker shop, and the cold storage locker and ate just about everything imaginable. I"m hoping that the Navy will think that it would be much cheaper not to have me around and  give me a discharge. That's the one aim of everybody down here.

I wish I would be home for June the 9th. I know you kids are going to have a lot of fun. Have enough fun for me and you both.

Take care of my yearbook for me, will you? Ask Bill about my key from the Pioneer. I think I get one.

When those two choirs sing together it will sound twice as bad as one choir, with those 12 orations and those choirs, I really pity the audience.

Did you hurt your leg up at the last social I was at? When we were playing that game? I'm really sorry we hurt you.

I won't say anything to Barney about that candy. I received a letter from Bob D. He is getting a transfer out of the infantry. He will be stationed at Baltimore.  (Jim?) had Sally out didn't he. Our boot training is 2/5 over to-day. Only 6 more weeks.

Everybody is really  happy because of visitors to-morrow, but I'd be satisfied just having you and the (?) to-night. 

Write Soon
Love Ralph

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