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Letters to Janice: October 18, 1945

During and after the second World War, my grandparents wrote many letters back and forth to each other. She kept every one he had ever written. A couple of years ago, soon after her passing - and after a long search - my grandpa found the letters and shared them with me. And now with his permission I'm sharing them with you. I'm fascinated by this time period and am excited to have this part of their history written down and preserved forever.

18 October 1945
U.S.S. PC 1078

Dear Janice,

Hello, How is everything back there? I hope just fine. Just a few lines to let you know that I still think about you and still love you.

To-day was  a swell day in one way and in another it wasn't so good. The good part about it was that I received ten letters. Four from you, one from Andy, Barney, Hersh, Bob D. and two from my parents. Not bad, I would say. The bad part about it is that it rains most of the day.

We've been getting some good breaks here though. First the motors broke down, then the radio burnt up so all in all it's pretty good. As long as the things keep doing that we don't go out to sea. That is why every body is pretty happy.

My boss left the other day in a hurry. His transfer orders came at nine o'clock and his ship was leaving for the states at about ten so we really had to hurry. The new Yeoman* is a nice guy also we get along good.

I've taken eleven of my tests now I have only two more to take. thank you Lord.

Last night for a movie we had the life of Chopin. The name of the movie was "A SONG TO REMEMBER". It was pretty good but no neat "wimmen!"

We are getting a new skipper some time this week. I hope that he is as nice as the one that we have now.

I just got the letter to-day telling me about the service at the church and what I'm to do. Tell Barney that I'll work on that to night. I think that is swell I only wish that I was there to preside. I wouldn't be able to do a very good job but it would be an honor.

Say, your cousin Ivan does have a record for necking five straight hours, I don't think I could last that long.

Enough for now,


Movie Referenced:

A Song to Remember (1945) Poster

*yeoman is an enlisted person within the United States Navy that performs administrative and clerical work. They deal with protocol, naval instructions, enlisted evaluations, commissioned officer fitness reports, naval messages, visitors, telephone calls and mail (both conventional and electronic).

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