Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Letters to Janice: October 8, 1945

8 October 1945
U.S.S. PC 1078

Dear Janice,

     Here are just a few lines to let you know that I'm still thinking of you and still love you. I really don't know what to say, because I haven't received any mail (in) almost two weeks now. I don't know what is keeping it. I suppose that it                                                                                         will find me sometime.

     Nothing happened out here. We just got in from three days patroling in the Pacific.

   Boy is this harbor ever loaded with battleships. I saw five to-day plus a lot of cruisers. You probably don't understand that about the kinds of ships that I talk about. You heard about the battleship Missouri* on whose decks the peace treaty was signed, well I was on that shop the other day. That probably wouldn't interest you but I thought that it was something great.

     I suppose that the C.E. is thinking about getting ready for the Halloween party this year. Boy I wish that I could be there this year.

*The rest of this letter has not been found yet.

*Ship Reference: The U.S.S. Missouri


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