Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Elves are Back: The Eighteenth Day of Christmas 2015

For a few years now, elves from the North Pole have stopped in on our little abode starting at midnight on the first day of Christmas. Leaving little trinkets - gum, Hershey Kisses, notepads etc. - but also leaving behind a letter for the girls to appreciate. The appreciation may not register until further down the road, but I have a feeling each letter represents a seed that will either flourish or dry up all depending on how well it's cared for and applied. The letters, while giving some sense of what goes on up north during this hectic time of year, also share anecdotal notes on life as well as the true meaning of Christmas.

The Eighteenth Day of Christmas

December 18, 2015

Can you believe that in one week you’ll be waking up Christmas morning with presents to open!? That is such ridiculous craziness it almost makes me want to do the Sphliganookawoogiewokwok. That’s a special dance we elves do when we are super, outrageously excited about something.

Has it been a year already since last Christmas!? I remember you got some pretty neat stuff last year and we have some cool things coming your way this year too IF you make good choices between now and then. Always be looking for ways to make people feel good.

Madison, we liked how you showed your sister how to make an origami figure. Bailey, we noticed that you asked your mommy if you could help with dinner. And Sophie, we hear your singing and it makes people feel good. Great job, girls! You are all really something special. I hope you tell each other that you love them and give each other hugs. I’m sure you do though.

I smell the scent of cookies lingering in the air. Who was making cookies? They smell yummy yummy oodle lee licious! Are you planning to make some more!? Oh, I wish I could help. I love baking cookies. Well, that’s not entirely true. I just really love EATING cookies! How about you! I bet you love helping your mommy bake them too. What a special activity to do with her. That’s something you’ll always remember.

The pole is buzzing with excitement and elves are skipping their lunches AND their naps just so everything can get done for the big night. Only sad thing is, we only have about seven more visits to your home before we say goodbye for another year. We’ll just have to make the best of the time we have. Sounds like a good philosophy to me!

Have a great day today, girls! We love you so much and are excited for Christmas morning!

Merry Christmas!

Your Elves,

Rooster, Jazzy Jizz Jizz and Asteroid

P.S. We hear your Paw-Paw is in the hospital. We’ll be praying for him up in the North Pole. Hope he feels better soon J

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