Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Elves are Back: A Letter From Santa 2015

For a few years now, elves from the North Pole have stopped in on our little abode starting at midnight on the first day of Christmas. Leaving little trinkets - gum, Hershey Kisses, notepads etc. - but also leaving behind a letter for the girls to appreciate. The appreciation may not register until further down the road, but I have a feeling each letter represents a seed that will either flourish or dry up all depending on how well it's cared for and applied. The letters, while giving some sense of what goes on up north during this hectic time of year, also share anecdotal notes on life as well as the true meaning of Christmas.

A Letter From Santa:

Christmas Day, 2015

Dear Graybill Girls,

You are all so very sweet and so very beautiful. You’re laughter, joy, kindness and love fills me with my own joy that runs deep as the richest of colors and as wide as the arms of heaven. The three of you are a splendid image of God’s grace. He made you so precious and yet so brave and courageous. You have been blessed with special gifts and special talents so don’t stop exploring new things so those gifts can flourish and solidify within your hearts. The world needs people like you. The world needs more laughter, more caring and grace. More dreamers and believers and more that can drive away hate.

I love visiting your home. I look forward to it all year. I love your trees and I love the love that I sense within in these walls. With its imperfections, every home has them, there is also something that sadly I don’t see in every home. And that’s unconditional love. Love that never fades or dims. Never ceases or rests. It’s a love that carries on and on. With love, we carry each other. We can pick each other up and lift them over mountaintops. With love we feel safe and secure. With love, we learn to live like the King of Kings, the baby that was given to us so he could grow into a man and save us.

With every step, whether forwards or backwards, take it with love on your back, in the palm of your hands and in your heart. People may not say and may not even act like it, but when they see the love and gifts that you bring to the table, it will change them. Love can turn hearts of stone into hearts of light and goodness. The three of you possess that love and those gifts. Always keep Jesus first in your hearts and you will do wonderful and amazing things.

I am so proud of you. I love you with all my heart. Thank you for the letters and the cookies. The reindeer ate up the reindeer food  really fast so that means they really liked it. Keep doing a wonderful job in school and be sure to thank the Lord for all you have and don’t forget to think about those less fortunate than you.

Before I go, someone wants to say hello…

        Hi, girls! It’s Cookie! Santa let me come along this year because I wanted to stop in and see your house again. Sorry I haven’t been here until now, but I think about you girls and am so impressed how much love and kindness you have. I hope you enjoy the presents. I know you’ll have some big smiles on your face J I love you…we all love you. Keep up the great work. Merry Christmas!

Okay girls, time to get the reindeer moving along. They’ll fall asleep if we stay in one place too long. Make good choices and learn from your mistakes and always know that you are important.

Merry Christmas, Graybills!

With Love,

Santa Claus

P.S. I left something on the tree for your daddy J

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