Friday, January 1, 2016

The Elves are Back: The Ninth Day of Christmas 2015

For a few years now, elves from the North Pole have stopped in on our little abode starting at midnight on the first day of Christmas. Leaving little trinkets - gum, Hershey Kisses, notepads etc. - but also leaving behind a letter for the girls to appreciate. The appreciation may not register until further down the road, but I have a feeling each letter represents a seed that will either flourish or dry up all depending on how well it's cared for and applied. The letters, while giving some sense of what goes on up north during this hectic time of year, also share anecdotal notes on life as well as the true meaning of Christmas.

The Ninth Day of Christmas:

December 9, 2015

Happy Morning!

So how did play practice go tonight? Actually, we know it went pretty well…because we heard you singing and saw you worshipping the Lord. You all did a wonderful job. I can’t wait to hear about Friday’s performance. We’re so proud of you. Thank you for being a part of this special performance that will inspire everyone that sees it and make them feel joy during this most joyous time of year.

Sophie, you’re songs you sing give all of us joy. Keep working hard in school. We’re so proud of how much you’re learning. You have lots of joy…make sure you share it J

Bailey, you’ve been doing really well in school and in ballet and that makes us proud. As long as you always try your best, we (and your parents) will be proud. Keep up the great work! You’re a special and talented girl.

Madison, we love your comics and stories. You have some very specials gifts.  Never be afraid to share those gifts and to keep learning. You have gifts that can make a real difference.

We love you girls! Show love to one another, okay! Give each other hugs and tell each you other that you love them. It’s important J

Merry Christmas! 

Your Elves, 

Jingle, Wreath and Flitter-Flutter

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