Saturday, January 9, 2016

The Elves are Back: The Thirteenth Day of Christmas 2015

For a few years now, elves from the North Pole have stopped in on our little abode starting at midnight on the first day of Christmas. Leaving little trinkets - gum, Hershey Kisses, notepads etc. - but also leaving behind a letter for the girls to appreciate. The appreciation may not register until further down the road, but I have a feeling each letter represents a seed that will either flourish or dry up all depending on how well it's cared for and applied. The letters, while giving some sense of what goes on up north during this hectic time of year, also share anecdotal notes on life as well as the true meaning of Christmas.

The Thirteenth Day of Christmas:

December 13, 2015

Good Gracious Almighty! We are twelve days away from Christmas Day! Holy Catspaw! What a beautiful day God graced us with yesterday. I’m glad that you got out and played and I’m also glad you got some time to watch some Christmas movies. I love Christmas movies. We watch them all year long up here. We are always in the Christmas spirit in the North Pole.

Let’s see…what else did you do yesterday that was noteworthy?

Oh, my, I could I forget (wink-wink)!! You saw the big guy! I heard he was in a pretty cool store. He told us about the stuffed animals. Not exactly the kind of stuffed animals you have at home, huh? Well, anyway, he really enjoyed seeing you girls. You looked so pretty in your Christmas red.

The reindeer have finally landed. It wasn’t the most graceful landing in the history of reindeer landings, but Santa said the fact they crashed into the side of a barn and scared all the animals half to death made for quite a funny scene. It really was funny. Chicken feathers everywhere! Rudolph is still getting them out of his teeth.

Enjoy your Sunday girls. I hope you get a lot of your church today. You’re so lucky to have parents that believe that that is such an important part of life. Also enjoy being a family. It’s quite a gift.

We love you girls and are ever-so proud of you. Do or say something kind to someone else today. It will fill them with joy…guaranteed!

Merry Christmas!

Your Elves,

S’more, Dumpling & Jelly Bean

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