Friday, January 15, 2016

The Elves are Back: The Twenty-First Day of Christmas 2015

For a few years now, elves from the North Pole have stopped in on our little abode starting at midnight on the first day of Christmas. Leaving little trinkets - gum, Hershey Kisses, notepads etc. - but also leaving behind a letter for the girls to appreciate. The appreciation may not register until further down the road, but I have a feeling each letter represents a seed that will either flourish or dry up all depending on how well it's cared for and applied. The letters, while giving some sense of what goes on up north during this hectic time of year, also share anecdotal notes on life as well as the true meaning of Christmas.

Twenty-First Day of Christmas:

December 21, 2015

It’s finally here! Christmas Eve Eve Eve Eve…or something like that J No matter what, Christmas. Is. Almost. Here! 

Which means we are extra, extra busy up here in the pole, but our spirits are really high. We are singing song after song. And we are singing LOUD! We are so full of joy mostly because of children like the three of you.

We know you are excited about gifts, but we also know you know the real meaning behind Christmas. I love thinking of that night so long ago. Even though I wasn’t there, I feel in my heart how amazing and special it was and what it still means today. A child who would grow up to sacrifice himself…for US! What a great story. And what makes it great is that it’s TRUE!

Enjoy your days leading up to Christmas. Spend time uplifting one another with your words and your actions. Love the fact that you have sisters and a mom and dad that love you more than anything.

Whatever you do today, give thanks to the Lord.

Gotta get back up North. Toys to make, toys to wrap and songs to sing…oh, and Mrs. Claus’ homemade cookies J

Merry Christmas!

Your Elves,

Moonbeam, Sunlight and Hokey-Pokey

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