Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Highlight(er) of the Day

Robin Williams was amazing. Give him a prop and he would go on and on turning that random object into ten different things in a matter of minutes. It was the late 80s until I really discovered how rare a talent he was. Ever since then, I desired to possess that same quality of spontaneous wit.

Although I find myself funnier than others think I am, I do not have that ability the great comedian had. The other week however, I had a Robin moment. A moment of taking a random object and...well, I didn't spout off ten different things that it could be, but I hopefully made a small memorable family moment.

After Madison's basketball game we stopped at Costco to stock up on some necessities before ordering some pizza and hot dogs. On our way home, out of the corner of my eye, I saw something yellow sticking out from under a piece of paper on the center console. It was a highlighter. Because why wouldn't there be a highlighter in the center console? Picking it up and holding it so the family could see I said, "The highlight of my day..." (to which Angie chuckled) "...was watching Madison play basketball and score her first points."

Passing it over to Angie indicating that she continue with the theme, she took it and shared that the highlight of her day was also watching Madison play. The highlighter made it's way into everybody's hands where they all shared the best part of their day...which was watching Madison play, but I thought it was a touching moment recognizing her accomplishments.

It is opportunities such as this, a simple commute in the family car, that I hope to be more cognizant of so spontaneous or not, memories can be made.

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