Friday, August 5, 2016

Random: 001

Random definition, proceeding, made, or occurring without definite aim, reason, or pattern: the random selection of numbers

My random posts will be just that. Just things that I need to get off my chest (AKA irritate me beyond belief) or just some things to share that may or may not benefit you. In other words, reading this - I admit - may be a complete waste of your time.

We'll start irritation.

IRRITATION: Not only is it dangerous (both my wife and I on separate occasions were nearly hit), but it is the epitome of laziness. What am I talking about? Driving through a parking lot. You know those white lines that a meant for parking between not driving on? Yeah those. Seriously, people! The laziness of our society is quite baffling. Worse yet, let's ponder this immense desire to not just to be lazy, but to not think in such a manner where common sense would surface to the forefront of your brain and tell you that what you are doing is stupid. I see it every time I go to Costco. A car will be standing with it's turn signal on waiting for a car to back out of their space. Normal, right? NO, IT IS NOT! Why? Because LITERALLY, there is an empty parking space just two cars away. LITERALLY! So, their laziness and their stupidity is not only equivalent, but so is there lack of respect for other drivers. Because while they are sitting in their own puddle of utter laziness, they are backing up traffic and making other people that don't mind walking the fifteen extra feet. This is right up their with the schmuck that sued McDonalds because they burnt themselves with their coffee.

SHARE: Now something more positive. This summer I have watched some movies and TV shows (and also read some books) that are worth sharing.


Friends: One of the top 5 greatest sitcoms of all time because it's timeless, still funny and something you can watch over and over again. Not to mention the chemistry of the characters is rare...along with their comedic timing. My wife and I have been binge-watching this historic show this summer and love it just as much as we did the first time around. Probably even more since we can relate to their situations. On Netflix (as if you didn't know).

Alias: Ever since LOST, I became a huge JJ Abrams fan. He's crazy creative and he saved the Star Wars franchise after Lucas ruined it. Seriously, could Hayden Christensen be any worse?! Horrible acting. Horrible directing. Horrible writing. I can't stand that trilogy. It should be abolished and remade...and I'm not the biggest fan of remakes, but seriously. Thee worse movies ever. Anyway, I missed the Alias thing when it came out so I had completely forgotten that it's a JJ Abrams creation. Loved the first episode, but I gradually became more and more bored. It's not boring though...that's just how I am. It just struggled to find any originality. It may have been original when it first came out, but now, all those cops/lawyers/federal agent shows are all the same. Kudos to Jennifer Garner though. She's great in it. Not Claire Danes in Homeland great, but who is?

Stranger Things: This show came out of nowhere...well, actually, it came right from the 1980s. Say what you will about hair and fashion styles of the 80s, but there is nothing better than movies from decades ago. There is just something magical about watching films such as Back to the Future, E.T, The Goonies...well, I could go on for awhile. So what's better than a show made in 2016 that not only takes place in the beloved 80s, but is purposely made to pay homage to a decade of great movies? Answer: Nothing! The font used in the credits is all 80s! The music? All 80s! And a adventure of three boys as they look for their lost friend takes me back home where my imagination that I would later use to become a writer years later came alive. It's an absolute great show to watch.

Gortimor Gibbons Life on Normal Street: A fantastic family show. And I mean "family". This is so creative, so wonderfully written that everybody can and will enjoy. The creative ideas for each episode are incredible. Aside from that, it centers around three best friends that would do anything for each other. Very sweet, charming and entertaining.

Movies: Here are some movies that if you haven't watched yet, I recommend checking out.

  • Concussion: Will Smith is awesome!

  • Love and Mercy: Not just for Beach Boys fans. It really paints a great picture of how much a genius Brian Wilson is. My only beef is that they make John Cusack (who plays the older Brian Wilson) look...well, just like John Cusack.

  • The BFG. What a whimsical adventure! Not the greatest Spielberg family movie, but a solid, very enjoyable one. Not sure why this only made 50 million at the box office. It deserved better.
  • Finding Dory: Pixar at it's best.

  • Turner and Hooch: Always good to watch.

  • Spotlight: Disturbing, but excellent.

  • That's What I Am: Great flick about preconceived opinions and unexpected friendships.

IRRITATION: The new Goosebumps movie with Jack Black is not perfect, but it's fun for the kids and something parents can easily endure...except for one major thing. Jack Black's acting in this movie is atrocious. I can't even begin to describe how bad it is.

That's it for now :)

I forgot books!

I used to read more. Much more. Forty to Fifty books a summer. That doesn't happen anymore, but I'm glad I got at least two books in so far this summer. Both Mitch Album novels. Both very good. The First Phone Call From Heaven and The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto. The latter is even better, but both are top-notch. All of his books are excellent except for one. The Time Keeper I would stay away from.

I also managed two books via audio. I listen to these on my daily walks to the post office to drop off the latest LulaRoe purchases. The first was very good. Rogue Lawyer by John Grisham. The second is my first Lee Child novel, Jack Reahcer's Never Go Back (due in theaters this fall). I don't like it much as a read-aloud, but I can see it as a fun, quick beach read. Looking forward to seeing Tom Cruise kick some more butt.

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