Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Their True North

At the end of this school year, a retiring teacher - also a teammate - was getting rid of a lot of her stuff that she had accumulated throughout her career. Having  enough already and not having any desire to be one of those teachers that has way  too much, I didn't take many things. A couple of math books is about all. Except for the compass you see pictured. I took three of them. I naturally think in threes as a writer, but my life also revolves around my three daughters. They are small, about the size of a half-dollar, and pretty cheap, but I knew right away why I took them. My intention all along was to give them to my girls along with a note of some sort about my love for them.

Today, about three months later, I finally did it. I came up with the following poem in just a couple of minutes and laid it on their pillows to find. I knew once one of them found it, the news would spread that there was a gift on the beds. Sure enough, my youngest, found the compass and in a dash shared the news with her siblings.

I could have spent more time writing a better poem, but I wanted it to be more off the cuff. More directly from the heart without thinking getting in the way.

I just wanted to show them - or tell them - in a different way how much they are loved. 

A compass
An instrument
For navigating and travel
Always telling you
The direction you’re going
Always pointing north

In life
Make Christ your North
In all that you do
Make the paths you travel upon
Always point North

No matter what
No matter which direction you go
There is always a path to God

Remember these
Two certainties:
God will always love you…

…and so will I.

Your journeys
Will have obstacles,
But will also be blessed

Always go North
Always go North

With Love,

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