Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Africa Journal: Part 2

July 19, 1994

We are moving backwards in the plane. In the airport I was scared of flying. I'm sitting between Chris and Amy joking around as usual. Chris and I said if a Robin Williams movie came on we'd freak. I said at least we'd die laughing. Amy died laughing at my reaction to the music being too loud...Okay, she's okay now. Chris just brought up an interesting point. The Ghanaians will treat us better than family. They are willing to die for us. It is just really hard to comprehend. I have like writer's block because I just don't understand.

Amy just told me to listen to channel 11. It's playing From a Distance. A good song for going Ghana. It's some Japanese woman singing but I'll picture Bette Midler. Amy and I were just joking around about the emergency exit window falling and hitting someone and killing them. While everyone in the plane survives. Just one innocent bystander. "Look out below!" "Fore!"

Chris and I were just talking about going over there, we're just building a piggery and to them it's just an even trade for what they will teach us. She said it kind of makes you think bad of the U.S. (I never had much respect for our gov't anyway). But it's great because despite the poverty they are happy people anxious to see us. They love to serve the Lord. It's great!

July 20, 1994

9:21p.m. Ghana time
5:21p.m. Hometown time

I don't really know how to begin. We flew to London I finally got to sleep. Then we flew 5 1/2  hours to Accra. I did not feel well on the plane. My ears still hurt. At the airport we met Frank (who I thought was white). He gave us hugs and we found our luggage. He said he was very glad to see us. 

The airport was in no organized manner looking for luggage. One man told Chris, "You're too weak. Let me help you." One guy (actually asked all of us) asked me for CDs. We just have to not look at them which is hard. It still hasn't hit us. We are in Africa.

It is a truly incredible, unbelievable feeling. We drove in Frank's pickup to a hotel where I am at the present time. As I was flying, I had no idea what to expect. Chris was "ready for who knows what." We saw people stop along the road for a woman to go to the bathroom. Let's see...the last time I saw that was....

The hotel is what they consider very nice. It's not too bad. We expected to stay at Koko Beach but it was too expensive. We just got done with devotions. A much need devotions. We have jet lag, we are exhausted. Amy is homesick and upset that we forgot to fax home to Brenda. We  don't understand why Brenda loves it here taking in consideration how we feel. I said, "I don't understand why it's here. The poverty, the diseases. Why can't God wipe the evil off the Earth and have us start all over?

The other guys said it's not what they expected. People live in small huts. Where are the angels? This is not America.

Chris and I talked for at least a couple of hours last night about angels, Melissa, what to expect, it was really deep. During Four Weddings and a Funeral.

Hotel Salleria - where we spent our 1st night in Africa.

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