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African Journal: Part 4

It's been so long since I've written this and while parts of this whole experience has stuck with me my entire life since then, I do not know or understand some of the things I mention in this entry. I'm trying to copy it down exactly how I have it written so forgive me for those sections that seem to induce a head-scratch.

July 21, 1994

I am not surprised one bit that this entry, like last nights, will contain a lot. Unlike last night's negative more depressing entry, this, fortunately, is positive. I think I speak for everybody when I say we like it here a lot.

After breakfast (bread rolls, eggs, sausage - which were really soft...I guess that's how they explain it...I tried coffee (2 sips...yuk!), we packed up and left with our luggage jammed into the back and then we shoved in the back. 

The Foreign Exchange was our first stop. I exchanged $100 and got back 2 stashes of Ghanaian $! Wow! We stopped at a school and the Art Council which had so many beautiful things. 

The way to Ho was very bumpy except the last hour and a half or so. The scenery was incredible. I mean this is stuff you never saw before. In the city before Ho, people were selling thins along the street. 

We arrived at Jaffa's house and we were shown to the Social Services Center. It is pretty nice.

Jon and I are upstairs. The girls right below us and Amy has her own bigger apartment. There is no way we will be able to describe..."This". It is incredible. The people are really nice.

Frank was telling us this today...

The stool the chief sits on, well Amy has one in her room, and it has a chicken on it (at the bottom) and he said the chicks leaning against  the mother chicken means they are protected.

chicken base-protection
elephant base- strong and powerful

Sitting on power of God provider and caretaker of young, the spider is their symbol of God. They use it to symbolize God. It means wisdom. The spiders have very large webs (from corner to corner) and it represents its power. Its power is disturbed when you walk through it. The web, they like to think as God's hands. Then he talked about Ju-Ju (from French Jou-Jou). Black magic.

Homeopathy - voodoo - like produces like...model of human, damage to model, humans feel it

Contagious - use parts of victims body to destroy victim

Protective magic - farm - talisman

Jaffit and Frank, Moses, Mable and someone else came to see us. Mable is Frank's sister and she is studying at Lancaster Theological Center to be a minister.

Frank came back by himself and he started talking more about Ghanaians. He said during a funeral all of society goes because it's unity. It concerns all of them. The pieces of the broom when alone break in half, but when they are all together they cannot. They all attend weddings as well.

Polygamy  does exist here, but as Frank says, it is not encouraged. He went through about how divorce doesn't happen very often and the wife will leave a few belongings at her parent's home. The first wife is more important, but if for example, she cannot have a baby, the (husband) will ask a woman if she is prepared. 

Frank was telling us about his fear of swimming. He doesn't know how to swim, but he jumped into a pool unaware that we have a shallow and deep end. He said he doesn't recommend us swimming at Koko Beach because the undertow is so strong. 

We had devotion before Frank (Quami) left and we went around saying something about today.

Jon: realized today that the people seem happy with what they had and he didn't realize or think that last night.

Chris: Everybody searches for the something in the U.S. The kids here run up to a van with new people in it (referring to us). At home, that doesn't happen. Chris feels it's all in the hearts to have love or caring in our hearts.

Frank: surprised that we had a feeling or a sense that Brenda was going to call. (Our parents just found out this afternoon U.S. time that we are safe).

Lori: Mentioned how loving and accepting people here are.

Amy: Mentioned how scared we were last night and how we like it here now.

Me: I just said how much I like the people here and that they deserve the beautiful land we saw on the way to Ho. And in American, the way we act, the beauty is hidden.

We had supper in the restaurant in the social center. It was very good. We had chicken and rice.

Ochpay Manina Mouawoo (I don't know how to spell it)



We go to Klepe tomorrow.

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