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African Journal: Part 10

July 23, 1994 (cont.)

Chris made an observation about the United States saying that people here (in Ghana) are in unity. We (The U.S.) are not.

We talked about how we need to help each other. They are carefree, but yet don't get things done. We get things done, but shove God away. We need their spirituality. They need our economy.

At the market with Mable bartering (bargaining would be a more accurate word) for us I bought:

brooms - 150 cedis
an calabash bowl - 150 cedis
Morroco - 2300 cedis
small bracelet - 100 cedis
long necklace - 5000 cedis

7/24/1994 - Church

I drew this picture of a cross that must have been hanging in the church we attended. I can't find it anywhere online.

The scriptures that were read:

1) II King 4:42-44
2)Ephesians 4:1-6
3)John (Yohi) 6:1-15

We just sang for them. Frank introduced us and we sang, Father I Adore You. They applauded. Then they joined us in (Ach pay Manina Mouwoo). They sang so beautifully. Some were dancing around. We're taking pictures and they don't mind. It's really different.

The next page I have a sketch of how the church was set up. I am not able to convey that via blog. If I were to take a picture of it, it would not make sense.

I have 5 stick-figures sitting behind the pulpit. I remember that being us, but maybe I'm wrong. In my memory, we're sitting in the front facing the congregation...where they served us cake. This was very uncomfortable. Uncomfortable, but delicious. 

In my sketch, we are off to the side perpendicular to the congregation that appears to be arranged by, sadly, importance. The elders are towards the front followed by the teachers and in the very back are the women.

I also have a note here that say the cataciss (this is not spelled correctly) always looked at Amy when talking. Perhaps the sermon reflected our visit and the fact that she was our leader prompted him to do this.

At one point the regent (who took over because the chief was out of town) was introducing us to everybody

Now we continue with worship.

Japhit is speaking, but it is in Eva (their language)...and I'm sure that's not spelled correctly. I can't understand it, but yet I do. One of the elders is falling asleep. I can hear the children singing in the background. It makes this all the more awesome. Amy spoke earlier - how we are happy to be among the people, how we like to see the love between everybody and how we want to take it  back with us.

When she spoke again, she said we are ready to work and she said some of us are learning why we are here and some know.

These are notes, I believe, from the sermon, although, I'm not sure what some of them mean.

-No miracle in love
-Satisfying human need
 That's why we are here
-We've done more than Jesus Christ --- What did we do? ----bring what we have  to Jesus no matter how small

No loaves and fish
the change of heart in men and women

No sacrifice to Jesus
but to one another

I do remember seeing signs of Jesus, billboard signs, while there in Ghana. White as can be with blond hair and blue eyes. Characteristics that do not describe a single person in this society. But, that is how He is depicted there and therefore, they don't feel worthy. I'm not sure if in some way that has anything to do with "we've done more than Jesus Christ." I really don't know.

Last night, I was about to go down to the church to hear the singing and Amy said, "So you want to check this place out?" We walked down there and when it was over we just kept walking and talking. The first thing she said was, "Does it really seem to you that we are in Africa?" 


We went on about how it's like Ocean City (this is all we talked about) - I was told to spread the word as I left church Sunday. Spread the Word to whom? These people are so full of God. Amy was saying how she's more free...

And then I have the name, Jim Henson, written. No idea.

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