Wednesday, November 16, 2016

African Journal: Part 12 (Ghana, meet Arsenio)

Tuesday July 26th (cont.)

When we got there it was an absolute mob scene. The kids surrounded us. But it was great! "How old are you?!" they shouted. What is your name?!" "Welcome!" "How was your day?!"

We got down to where the party was and started dancing... What happens next I do not sufficiently describe. I'll take the liberty now to do so. 

A mob of kids surrounded us. We stood like islands surrounded by a sea of beautiful, smiling children that were jumping and shouting. A complete mosh pit. They were firing off questions one after the other. We were the literally the stars of the show. In their eyes, everything we said and did was nothing short of amazing. We danced and they imitated. Then...I was out of ideas. I know I may look like I had the moves of the champion of Star Search, but I must've fallen to the hands of stage fright for I had no more moves. The children stared thirsting for entertainment. They wanted more. They anxiously awaited my next move. What do I do? What do I do?

Then, a late-night talk-show host by the name of Arsenio Hall came into my mind. Without another moment of thought, I raised my right hand, made a fist and started hooting. It was an instant sensation. Every child that swarmed around us started hooting. To say it was a moment I will never forget is nothing short of a first-world understatement.

...I taught the kids the Aresenio Hall hoot! They went crazy! We danced. It was the best night so far.

I also remember that this celebration was our welcoming ceremony which we were nearly four hours late for. However, they weren't even ready for us. This is a care-free, worry-free society for sure.

My little Afi (who was just four and being raised by her great-grandmother) found me. She found and held my hand in the mob scene, but I didn't think it was her. But, at the dancing, I waved to her afterwards. Amy asked Japhit if it was her. She came over to me and stood in front of me. I want to take her home. She is adorable.

We left and while Frank's truck was stalled I asked him if they knew Michael Jackson. Frank said he is very popular. I think I'm going to ask Japhit to give Afi my cross when she is older. Wow! Again, something I had completely forgotten about.

Last night Chris and I were talking and then went to bed. She eventually woke me up because she couldn't sleep so we went for a walk. I must have been on drugs because I was being so goofy. She asked how they come to your mind. "I don't know," I replied.

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