Friday, November 18, 2016

African Journal: Part 13

I took a different approach for this journal entry. It appears I made a quick bullet list of our happenings in Ghana. Our mission was to help build a piggery (pigs were their main source of food if I remember correctly). If you recall, on our first trip to the work site, they weren't even ready. The laying of the foundation had not yet begun. Needless to say, we never saw the finished product. I imagine it looks - assuming it's still standing today - something like you see in the picture above.

I'm disappointed in myself after this entry because it appears that there was some tension between me and Amy - our leader. I don't recall what this would be been about, but reading ahead, I see we apologized. She and I got along really well, but it was a stressful time for us. Homesickness may have started to kick in and I know at the end of my senior year, I had a period where the situation with my dad being sick was effecting me more than it had been. For me, I probably was thinking about that and missing more people than I would have like to admit. For her, I remember she had started a new relationship and was very smitten with her new boyfriend. I want to say there was some family stress - related or not - as well, but I am not certain.

Looks like I lost my patience with Jon again. This was happening more and more I think. I remember him wandering off on his own quite a bit.

Wednesday July 27, 1994

  • went to the work site again. We carried blocks for a little and then did nothing. We were there to work, but they didn't want us to. They preferred us to sit in the shade sipping sodas. We had to persuade them otherwise.
  • Tony came to the work and was talking to Amy about America and it being a heaven
  • We met Frank's son in the waiting room while we were waiting to eat. He was very shy (much unlike Frank)
  • went to the market and walked around (I remember one man trying to get me to buy from him. He said, "I have to feed my family." Wow! That stuck with me. Very difficult to walk away from that, but you just have to.)
  • we stopped at the bank. I was very ticked off at Jon. We had kids begging outside the truck (I do not remember what he was doing, but I think he was eating or something while the children begged. I really am not sure though.)
  • Chris and I looked for Afi at the site today and for the bracelet with the bead she had lost.
  • I yelled at (Amy?) because I told her what I thought my calling was and she got smart.
  • We went to the church then that evening. Amy and I played rummi and talked and apologized.
  • Japhit gave us greetings from the ???? (can't read my looks like "moon" but obviously that's not right.) at supper.

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