Friday, November 18, 2016

African Journal: Part 14 (Rummi, Koko Beach and Toilets Without Seats)

7/28/94 (Thursday)

On our way to the Falls, we stopped at a checkpoint and Frank's license is expired so we are turning around to go get it renewed. Amy doesn't seem too happy. I'm just glad I have my journal. Lori is sleeping. She's sick. Jon is reading his Star Trek book. 

I got stamps today at the post office and just spent 3000 cedis on film. We actually got going on time today. Go figure something would go wrong. I'm just glad I have my journal!!

7/29/94 (Friday)

We left for Accra, not on time of course because we had to find the moderator. We stopped at Shan Gri La, checked in at the airport, got our rooms, played cards, got showers, taught Chris how to play solitaire. Lori left early, Jon fell asleep on the chairs. Chris and I talked for a couple of hours.

7/30/94 (Saturday)

We went to the Arts Counsel after Frank go back. He had problems with his truck. We only had toast for breakfast. We played rummi as we waited. Frank came. "Where you been?" I said. Maybe a mistake? We went to the Art Counsel after exchanging money and we bought a lot of stuff. It was weird because we were spending a lot in their terms, but not our's. Amy lost patience again with Jon.

We went to Koko Beach after we picked up food at Papaye's. (I think this was a fast food restaurant, but again, I do not remember.) We collected shells. Took pictures. Met Frank's cousins.

Girls went to the bathroom and came out quicker than they went in. No toilet seats. Girls came over. Played cards again. Lori, Chris and I laid down and talked, but dozed off more than we talked. Lori probably left at 2:00. Chris left at twenty passed 4:00. We talked. I have a scary feeling she likes me. We haven't talked really since, but it's scary because I just want to be friends. She said she just has a feeling when she's with me. She said I probably think she's nuts. It makes me feel good, but I just want to be friends.

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