Friday, November 4, 2016

African Journal: Part 6


So far today, we visited one of the better schools (Dora)  in Ho. In this school of two-hundred students, they learn three languages in first grade. The ages/grades of students range from three-years-old to the 8th grade. At the school, we met Aunta Vida. She told us about the classes and that it cost 10,000 cedi for transportation of kids to school (on the bus).

It was really cute because where we visited the classrooms, the kids would stand up together and sing and go crazy about our picture taking.

We saw...a piggery. Jon and I talked to this guy about school systems. He said it is very hard. They go for nine years of college at Ghana University, learn eighteen subjects where they write an essay on a subject to move on. They fail if it's not good enough. If you manage to get your degree, you have worked extremely hard. But money is a problem. He gets paid 20,000 cedis a month and it cost 200,000 cedis for a year of college. And he pays for food, electricity and rent. It is very tough.

We visited Japhit's house and everybody warmly welcomed us and we said thank you. He gave us a schedule for what we will be seeing. We work only four days at Klepe to help build. The people always joke around it is a very stress-free environment.

One kid at Dora is defending his title today. The title represents or is from a contest about knowledge about the environment, the Bible and current events. Reyard is only thirteen and he also has Sickle-cell disease and the guy says he hope he lives out a good life because he will only live to 20 or 35 years of age. He said if you have a doctor you are very fortunate. 

We just ate spaghetti for lunch (and pineapple). It was very good. Before that we visited  Frank's high school which has 1,950 students in it. 

The showers were FREEZING this morning. I slept well. I am really enjoying myself here. 

Saw-donkeys are used for plowing and mowing.

To be continued...

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