Thursday, December 8, 2016

Elf Letters 2016: Night Eight

For the last several years, Elves - with very interesting names - from the North Pole have come to visit our home beginning at midnight on the first day of December. They leave little trinkets for each of our daughters, but more importantly they leave a letter for them to read each morning. The great thing about the letters, that I've come to realize and appreciate, is that they each serve a purpose. They are not just quickly written notes on Post-its, but instead are filled with the importance of family, the real meaning of Christmas and a reminder of how special and beautiful (and fortunate) they each are. I look forward to their visits as much as the girls do.

December 8, 2016

According to our countdown app on our new watches Santa made especially for us, it is 2 weeks, 2 days, 0 hours and 44 minutes until CHRISTMAS!

So, until the BIG day, do you and the family have any PLANS? Winter Wonderlandy kind of plans?  Up at the POLE, all the elves live in ONE big community. Kind of like YOUR neighborhood. But there are so MANY of us so our neighborhood is quite large. Anyway, we all love stringing up lights and putting out decorations on the LAWN. Then, one of our favorite things to do, is walking around AND inhaling the Christmas atmosphere. We sing and sip cocoa. Sometimes we head over to the big LAKE and ice skate for hours. Maybe you and your family could go see some lights this weekend. Whatever you decide to do, appreciate and enjoy the time together.

I hope you liked last night’s ABCs of Christmas that Hop, Skip and Jump wrote for you. They sent me a few more letters to add on to it.

D            For DECORATING with DADDY and Mommy and sisters
                For the long DRAWN out melodic notes of Christmas tunes
                For the DISPLAY of the star that rest upon the tippy top of this year’s tree

E             For EVENING time, a time of rest – at least we hope – but, as the chimes of
                     Christmas get nearer and nearer, we become EXCITED and restless
                For EVERY tear, chuckle and grin
                For the range of EMOTIONS that people feel this time of year…we’re thankful
     for HIS unENDING grace, comfort and peace.

F             For FIRES crackling in FIREPLACES or stoves
                For FRIENDS that FILL us up with cheer
                For FEARS that are conquered by joy
                For FAMILY Christmas memories FRAMED and hung with care

That’s all they gave us for tonight. We’ll be sure the next trio of elves BRING more tomorrow night…if you like.

Keep up the great work, girls! It sounds like all of you are doing wonderfully in school and helping out with the Christmas play. There is no such thing as small parts. Every part is important, just like every member of your FAMILY is important.

The GRAYBILLS are a blessing. We are thankful for you and appreciate you. Now, go, and be a BLESSING to others and show them that the Lord Jesus Christ lives in your HEART.

Merry Christmas!

We love you!

Your Elves,

Kit, Kaboodle and Snowball

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