Friday, December 9, 2016

Elf Letters 2016: Night Nine

For the last several years, Elves - with very interesting names - from the North Pole have come to visit our home beginning at midnight on the first day of December. They leave little trinkets for each of our daughters, but more importantly they leave a letter for them to read each morning. The great thing about the letters, that I've come to realize and appreciate, is that they each serve a purpose. They are not just quickly written notes on Post-its, but instead are filled with the importance of family, the real meaning of Christmas and a reminder of how special and beautiful (and fortunate) they each are. I look forward to their visits as much as the girls do.

December the Ninth 2016

Good Morning most BEAUTIFUL girls this side of the NORTH pole! How are you this morning? Are you counting DOWN the days?

Did you know that today, back in 1868, the first traffic light was installed? Did you ever THINK about how important traffic LIGHTS are? It puts order in the middle of CHAOS. It gets so crazy out there with everybody driving so we need rules – or traffic LIGHTS – to calm things down a bit. Otherwise, getting to where we need to go would be a much more difficult.

Sometimes it’s important to stop along our way. Just STOP.  Stop to take a LOOK around you. Stop to be a difference MAKER in someone’s life. Think about all the things we would MISS along our journey if we didn’t slow down and stop.

I think God and traffic lights have a lot in common. I think Christmas and traffic lights have a lot in COMMON. It’s the busiest time of year, yet the most important time to stop and slow down. To take a step back and enjoy the wondrous, miraculous blessings that CHRIST has given us. He gives us chances to put a little order back in our lives, but we NEED to stop and listen to what He’s telling and teaching us. He teaches us that he IS the order and no matter where we are on our JOURNEY, there’s a REASON for the slowing down and stopping. We just need to be LOOKING because it could change your life.  Joy is always a heartbeat away.

Hey! Maybe that’s why Christmas colors are the same as traffic light colors!

Okay, well, we promised we would help continue with the ABCs that were started a couple of nights ago.  I asked if I could write a couple myself.  I think we start at…

G           For the GRACE that GROWS within us
                For the GLORY we GIVE
                For GRAND and majestic trees, miles away we can see
                For the GRAYBILLS and the GIFTS they open and for the GIFTS they GIVE

H           For HOLIDAY cheer that’s so easy to share
                For HUGS when we’re down and HOORAYS that lift us up
                For the HALLELUJAHS we sing on the silent eve of HIS birth as well as in the
morning with praise in our HEARTS
                For HUNGRY families whose Christmas isn’t the same, but could be with
                                an outstretched HAND

Just two tonight. I hope that’s alright. The head elf just radioed us so we need to ZOOM back. Apparently there’s peanut butter jamming up the machinery. Good grief. Never a dull moment. But thanks for letting us slow down a little and come to your HOUSE.

Remember to obey God’s traffic lights! Stop. Pray. Listen. It’ll put the order back into chaos. Hey, they should make a song about that!

Merry Christmas, Graybill GIRLS!

We love you!

Your Elves,

Champ, Buggy and  Whatchamacallit

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