Friday, December 16, 2016

Elf Letters 2016: Night Sixteen

For the last several years, Elves - with very interesting names - from the North Pole have come to visit our home beginning at midnight on the first day of December. They leave little trinkets for each of our daughters, but more importantly they leave a letter for them to read each morning. The great thing about the letters, that I've come to realize and appreciate, is that they each serve a purpose. They are not just quickly written notes on Post-its, but instead are filled with the importance of family, the real meaning of Christmas and a reminder of how special and beautiful (and fortunate) they each are. I look forward to their visits as much as the girls do.

The 16th day of Christmas!

You are not going to believe this, but the moment we land our traveling vessel, what we affectionately call, The Elfasaurus-inator, we got a call from E.L.F. headquarters. Not just any call…and beeping red call. That means it’s serious business. We kinda saw it coming because it has been just one of those days, but we REALLY wanted to come visit. This is our first time VISITING and we are super stoked. All the other elves, especially Kit AND Kaboodle (not to be confused with Kit-N-Kaboodle), have been just raving about how beautiful your home is.

BOY, were they RIGHT! We love it here already and we’ve only been here for twenty-seven sniffer-liffers. That’s roughly five minutes to you. Anyway, the call means we gotta SPLIT pronto. Apparently a quaggle in the MAIN engine that runs the conveyor belt in sector Z24 has malfunctioned. Do you realized how important a quaggle is?! Well, without a quaggle, the zuhniffels (all four them) start to grind against the mudhoody and if the mudhoody BREAKS or even slows down…well, Santa’s sleigh won’t fly.

I know, it doesn’t sound plausible and you’re probably wondering why a faulty quaggle has anything to do with whether or not Santa’s sleigh will fly or not. The simple answer is this: Toys aren’t the only THINGS that ride down the conveyor belt that is run by the quaggles, zuhniffels and the mudhoody…AND the Ploppyplops. Did I mention the Ploppypops? I didn’t? Oh, well the Plopplyplops hold Ploopypops together while the Plippydips aid in the rotation of the zizzers…or is it the zazzers? I don’t know sometimes. It’s complicated stuff up here. All I know is, we have to get moving along.

How about one more letter first?

K            for KIDS on bikes and KIDS with KITES
                For the KINDNESS that spreads across and through the cracks
                                Of those that may have given up on hope
                For KRIS KRINGLE and the gifts he brings
                For the Almighty KING who put gifts in us
                For  this crazy time of year and the hopes that we find rest

Merry Christmas, Madison, Bailey and Sophie! You are loved. You are important. You are sparks of grace.

We love you!

Your Elves,
Bippity, Boppity and Boop

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