Friday, December 23, 2016

Elf Letters 2016: Night Twenty-Three

For the last several years, Elves - with very interesting names - from the North Pole have come to visit our home beginning at midnight on the first day of December. They leave little trinkets for each of our daughters, but more importantly they leave a letter for them to read each morning. The great thing about the letters, that I've come to realize and appreciate, is that they each serve a purpose. They are not just quickly written notes on Post-its, but instead are filled with the importance of family, the real meaning of Christmas and a reminder of how special and beautiful (and fortunate) they each are. I look forward to their visits as much as the girls do.

December 23rd 2016

Wow! If this were basketball, it would as if the ball is just inches away from swooshing through the basket for the WINNING point. If this were BASEBALL, it would be as if a base runner is just two strides away from touching HOME plate for the victory. If this were football, it WOULD be as if the running back has broken AWAY from all defensive barriers and is now in a full SPRINT and just yards away from the end zone. Yes, girls, we are THAT CLOSE!

What a beautiful day in Virginia yesterday! Kind of crazy to think that you were not only OUTSIDE without coats, sweaters or even jackets, but to actually be able to go the playground on the first full day of WINTER. What a SPECIAL time to have with each other. And then it sounds like you made COOKIES with your mommy and played P-I-G with your daddy downstairs. These are things that you’ll always REMEMBER.

Keep creating those memories! I know your daddy and his brothers love talking ABOUT things they used to do when growing up. It’s just one of the things that makes THEIR brotherhood so strong.

Before we go, let’s continue with the ABCs…

O           For the OH, holy night that was and is OUR savior’s birth
                For the OMNIPRESENSE of OUR creator

P             For POPCORN snacked on while watching movies or strung across
                                The branches of the Christmas tree
                For the PARTIES, celebrations and gathering of friends and family
                For the PROMISES of love, grace and mercy He has made

Q           For the QUIET and still of the night
                For the prayers spoken under a grandmother’s QUILT
                For the QUICK, mad rushes to buy that perfect gift
                For Christ’s QUINTENSSENTIAL example of what we should hold most dear

R            For the RUNNING around and scurrying about, but also for the
                hope that is RESTORED when we finally RELAX

S             For the SAVIOR’S birth of course, but also for SIMPLE SURROUNDINGS
                                of His that birth that would lead to our SINS being washed out

We’ll have to get the rest tomorrow. Until then, enjoy every moment with each other. Show people the LIGHT that LIVES within you.

Merry Christmas, Graybill GIRLS!

We Love You!

Your Elves,

Cookie (3 nights in a row!), Bed-Head and Bed Bug

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