Friday, December 23, 2016

Elf Letters 2016: Night Twenty-Two

For the last several years, Elves - with very interesting names - from the North Pole have come to visit our home beginning at midnight on the first day of December. They leave little trinkets for each of our daughters, but more importantly they leave a letter for them to read each morning. The great thing about the letters, that I've come to realize and appreciate, is that they each serve a purpose. They are not just quickly written notes on Post-its, but instead are filled with the importance of family, the real meaning of Christmas and a reminder of how special and beautiful (and fortunate) they each are. I look forward to their visits as much as the girls do.

December 22nd 2016
Three. More. Days.

It’s FINALLY here! Christmas vacation! And what a WAY to celebrate by going to see The BIG guys himself! I always loved watching kids sit on Santa’s lap. Their giant SMILES and how  some of them dress up in the nicest CLOTHES, – not that you have to do that – but my FAVORITE thing about the whole going-to-see-Santa thing is when KIDS ask for something for somebody else AND not themselves.

Isn’t great to KNOW that we can do that ANY time that we want to by going to the LORD in prayer and asking HIM to protect people or heal someone from an illness? Just like your Christmas list, you don’t always get what YOU ask for, but as you GROW stronger in your faith, it becomes EASIER to give everything up to Him and realize He’s in control.

We’re so proud of you girls for WAITING so patiently while waiting to see SANTA. We know you were HUNGRY and tired from all your celebrations at school, but you made us PROUD.

We’re going to leave with the some MORE ABCs of Christmas. I think we pick up with the letter…

L             For the joyous, deep-in-the-heart LAUGHTER          
                For candles in the window casting Christmas LIGHT
                For the LIGHT of the world that came this very night

M           For MAW-MAW and mothers that watch from afar
                For the MILLIONS that have “nothing” but still worship and give praise
                For the MULTITUDES of grace-givers because we are the grace-receivers
                For the MOMENTS that make us stronger even when we don’t realize it
                                And for the MOMENTS that are cherished and remembered

N            For the NEGATIVE attitudes from the people we are called to love
                For the NATIVITY and the angels above it
                For the first Christmas, for the first NOEL
                For NIGHTS when we lie our heads down, NESTLED in deep

We’re running out of time, but we’ll be sure to finish in these next couple of NIGHTS. Enjoy your first full day of VACATION tomorrow. Show love and kindness and…save some COOKIES for us J because word in the pole says some BEAUTIFUL girls in Woodbridge are making some DELICIOUS treats!

Merry Christmas, Girls! We love you and think you are special, important and powerful…because you have the strength to be LIGHTS of the world!

We love you!

Your Elves,
Cookie (Yep, back again!!), Crumbs and Kwala-Lala-Whoopy-Doo-Dee-DahDah

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