Sunday, December 10, 2017

North Pole Letters: December 10, 2017

December 10, 2017                          
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It’s a glorious day! God never disappoints! What a pretty, snowy day you guys had here yesterday. Not enough to go sledding, but glad you were able to go support your small group friends at a local church to watch A Play in the Manger. Wow! What a wonderful production! It’s amazing when so many different teams within a church community come together. Wonderful things happen. Some of my cohorts and I were able to drop in and watch. Seeing the joy of Christmas ring out in the voices of children puts me in the Christmas spirit every time.

You may wonder why we aren’t always already in the spirit of the season since we’re working all-year-round. Well, it’s easy to get caught in the motions of everyday life and forget to think about and reflect upon the important things in life. It’s easy to come home and plop down on the couch without spending time reading or praying or calling a friend. Just because it’s easy doesn’t mean we should do it. It’s the difficult things that build character. We just need to persevere. Perseverance builds character. Character produces hope. That’s one of my favorite verses.

We elves aren’t perfect. We get caught him the hum-drum of life and…we also get caught up in the material things in life. Toys. It’s not wrong or bad to have toys, but we must never place their importance above the importance of God. When we show jealousy and envy, than we’re putting ourselves first rather than Him.

When we aren’t working as a team or being yucky to one another, Santa has us do some chores together. He calls them team-unity-character-building-learn-to-show-love activities, but we call them chores. Although, I suppose they do work. We either have to come up with an elaborate contraption for shoveling snow or sometimes he makes us bake cookies. I think this is just to give Mrs. Claus a break so they can go smooch a little. They are so adorable together.

Yesterday was the anniversary of the first time Charlie Brown’s Christmas was on TV. My favorite part of that story is the tree. It taught us that we don’t need big-big-big decorations or really flashy, decorative things for Christmas. We just need to understand that Jesus came to earth to show us how much he loves us.

Enjoy this day, girls! It’s a gift. You are a gift. Don’t ever EVER forget that.

We love you! Merry Christmas!

Your Gonna-go-to-bed-when-we-get-home Elves,

Spero, Gratia, Amare

P.S. We thought you might like a 2nd Stress ball for your collections!
        Love, Gratia :) xoxoxo

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