Monday, December 4, 2017

North Pole Letters: December 3, 2017

December 3rd 2017 (22 days until Christmas!)

Welcome to a new day, girls! I bet you’re ready for your banana and pickle sandwich with a side of peppered-sprinkled Jell-o.

Wait! You mean to tell me that you’ve never tried thee most delicious breakfast in the entire world?! Girls, you have no idea what you’re missing. Go ahead, eat your cereal and your scrambled eggs, but now that you know that that isn’t the greatest thing to eat while you greet a new day, you will always be wondering about that amazing banana and pickled sandwich layered with sun-baked mayonnaise. I forgot to mention the mayonnaise part didn’t I? Well, that right there makes it the best. Your choice.

Anyway, I heard a lyric the other day that said, “Nothing to stop this from being the best day ever/Nothing to keep us from where we should be”  I really like that because there’s so much truth to it. We can’t let anything get us down. Yes, we’re going to have some rough times. Go through some funks, but it comes down to one thing and that’s us choosing joy over anything else. It should be easier for us to do that. Think about it. We have our personal Savior in our hearts. What’s more joyful than that?

Some people though haven’t made that invitation. Hard to imagine why sometimes. It’s like believing that everything came from nothing. Which makes no sense to me. So girls, we need to – both you and all of us up here – spend some time saying prayers for people that may not know their heavenly father. Or a prayer that helps them remember that life is simply better when we acknowledge Him.

I have to say, we are mightily and thoroughly impressed girls. When we lowered ourselves into your yard last night, the lights from our aircraft lit up your yard and deck. Wow! You did an amazing job raking all those leaves. And the fact that you did it by yourselves AND weren’t asked to do it makes it even more wonderful. You also did a great job serving the church by helping your mom prepare for her event tomorrow. And Sophie, so glad you went around and restocked the toilet paper in all the bathrooms. Trust me, some of us are extremely thankful for that. Mental note: Don’t ever eat a whole bunch of sugar free jellybeans right before a long journey. Better yet, don’t ever eat them. Ever!

It made us smile that you put a lot of effort into making it the best day ever. You should be able to lay your heads down on your pillows tonight and feel very proud.

Things are hectic up here, but we’re getting a lot done and are actually ahead of schedule. Well, we were ahead of schedule until Santa started his traditional snowball fight. Santa is a big guy, but boy can that jolly man run like the wind when faced with 3,000 snowballs staring him down ready to whack him the face. Right on those rosy cheeks. He’s a good sport though. He knows it’s a losing battle, but yet every year he makes the challenge and every year we elves gladly accept. A rule of thumb though, never hit Mrs. Claus with a snowball. If you do she won’t poison your cookies and she won’t jump out and scare you, but she will toss her most amazing snowball curveball right at you. And let me tell you she never misses. Never. Your face will hurt for a week. So I’ve heard. You know a friend of mine was hit once. Not me. I would never throw a snowball at the missus. Well, not after the nurse elf told me if I got hit one more in the face it would be permanently dented.

We all have fun up here. Lots of love and kindness. It takes work though. It also takes family-wide dedication. Everybody has to do their part in bringing harmony and peace to the household. Remember, people will know we are Christians by our love. Something to think about. Simple yet very powerful.

We love you girls! And thank you for the notes Sophie. You are all quite welcome. It’s a joy coming here. You girls are so blessed.

Love (Your super-duper elves),

Elf Valelf, Javert and Hoppy Hippy Pippy Poppy

P.S. Sophie, what are you so stressed about that you want stress balls so badly? Those big sisters buggin’ you? Can’t you just squeeze a roll of toilet paper or something? Just teasing J I know they’re fun whether you’re stressed or not. We will do our best, but we can’t promise.

P.P.S. Hope you like your gifts. I told you we’re all the same size ;)

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